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My Clinical Experience during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In December of 2019, the world realized an unknown respiratory disease in Wuhan, China. The disease would later be identified as Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARS- COV-2) or Covid-19 as it is mostly known. Medical experts’ fears about the disease would later be confirmed when it quickly spread outside China to affect millions of people. Currently, about 35.1 million people in the world have contracted the disease with approximately 1 million fatalities.

As expected, the disease would affect many of the world’s operations. Health care workers are at the center of those affected by Covid-19. The above statement is supported by the different clinical experiences I have undergone due to the pandemic.

I have learned to work under stressful and tiring conditions due to the pandemic. The high number of coronavirus cases increased the workload at the health care facility. The excess workload emerged from the unprepared nature of medical facilities and the world to tackle the disease. For instance, the hospital realized a shortage in the number of health care workers to take care of the patients.

Thus, the situation meant that we had to take care of many patients with the minimum human labor available. Often, I found myself working during odd hours with little instances of rest. The massive workload with little has thus made me experience a lot of stress.

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Clinical experience during the covid-19 pandemic
Clinical Experience during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Likewise, the idea that I may contract the disease or transmit it to other family members worries me a lot. As a health care practitioner, I am in the frontline when it comes to handling coronavirus patients. Despite wearing protective equipment such as the face shield, I still worry that several errors can lead to me contracting the disease and succumb to it or pass it to my loved ones.

Moreover, the coronavirus has changed the way we conduct activities in the health care facilities. We are no longer allowed to hold close social gatherings. Likewise, it is now mandatory for us to wear protective gears within the health care facilities. Additionally, I feel somehow isolated as a healthcare practitioner due to different procedures I am supposed to undergo before meeting my family, for instance, self-quarantining before going home.

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1. What are examples of clinical experience?

Let us now break down a few types of clinical experiences that we think are worthwhile.

  • Medical Scribing. Medical Scribes provide administrative assistance to physicians by recording patient histories.
  • Physician Shadowing.
  • Volunteering at Healthcare Facility, Clinic, or Hospice.
  • Paid Positions.

2. What does clinical experience consist of?

While there is no official, overarching definition for the term “clinical experience,” it generally involves a hospital or healthcare setting and some level of patient contact.

3. How important is clinical experience for medical school?

There’s no universally applicable set of clinical hours that will get you into medical school. However, generally speaking, about 100 to 150 hours of meaningful clinical experience completed in a consistent schedule over a few months can give your application a competitive edge.

4. What is clinical experience in nursing?

A core component of nursing education is the clinical experience. Students participate in supervised learning sessions in real world health care environments, which provide them with the opportunity to put what they’ve learned in the classroom into practice.

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