1. Have an original dissertation topic. 1
  2. Compose the dissertation proposal 1
  3. Write the introduction. 1
  4. Literature review.. 2
  5. Do your empirical research. 2
  6. Results discussion. 2
  7. Write the conclusion and proofread. 2

Bottom line. 2

A dissertation project is the end of your course, whether you are doing a Ph.D., masters, or undergraduate degree.  Writing a dissertation takes many days of planning and preparation to come up with the perfect final draft. You need to do deep research, have good writing skills, and be a good planner to have smooth writing.  Students face various challenges writing dissertation papers, but writing your dissertation will be simple after having a glimpse of our step-by-step guide below.

1.      Have an original dissertation topic

Writing a dissertation project, you will need a specific question to answer with your research. Develop a unique research topic for your project without copying what is already done by other scholars. Use clear words and make it short to avoid losing the reader’s attention. Further, your topic choice should be serving some purpose. You don’t just choose a topic for the sake of writing. 

2.      Compose the dissertation proposal

You have your research topic. Next, it’s your chance to convince your instructor of the importance of your case and get their approval. Writing a proposal, it’s like presenting an appeal to your instructor, showing them the purpose of your topic. Indicate the study design you are using and show you have done proper background reading and noticed a problem that needs further researching. You don’t give all the literature details; instead, it’s an overview of your project’s discussion.

3.      Write the introduction

The introduction chapter is a hook-up for your audience. In the introduction, you explain the role of your topic, giving the thesis statement, setting the tone and scene for your paper. The introduction provides the “what” and “why” reasons for your research topic. Through the introduction, you are advertising your work to the audience, so make it clear and interesting to read. Guide to nursing Dissertation writing. 

4.      Literature review

You are answering questions from previous research topics or support the importance of your research. Read multiple effective sources to understand what other researchers have done. Through literature review, you generate your research question and answer them in the process. Guide to nursing Dissertation writing.  You will identify the gaps in different projects and show how your work will provide the solution.

5.      Do your empirical research.

This comes in the methodology section of the paper. You write about the study design, sample size, and location. Report the study findings and analyze the data to show scientifically. Writing the methodology section gives solid evidence from your research.

6.      Results discussion

Discuss the findings to show how they answer your topic. Unlike data analysis, the discussion requires the writer to evaluate how those results are relevant in answering the issue. Interpret them logically and show how they are contributing to your solution. Guide to nursing Dissertation writing. 

7.      Write the conclusion and proofread

End your dissertation with a conclusion paragraph. In conclusion, you are answering the” what” question your research had found. Mention the thesis and summarize the key results from the experiment. Show the readers how the answer you got from the study will be serving their purpose.

The dissertation document is complete. Never submit it before re-reading and making all possible adjustments. Guide to nursing Dissertation writing. Proofreading is the last step and a vital one. Check the grammar, content clarity formatting, and references to ensure they are correct.

Bottom line

Students create a big fuss about dissertation writing which shouldn’t be the case. To write the perfect dissertation, you should follow all academic writing rules. Follow the assignment rules plus our step-by-step writing guide and you will come up with the best project ever.

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