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Reflection on otelo – Best Sample Solutions(2022)

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5 Best topics for college essay

An essay is a writing process that consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. An essay is full of information about any topic. The essay is an art that everyone can not write well. The essay is a brief summary of any topic that tells or understand to the reader.

Students take admissions in college or universities based on an essay test. If your essay is unique(looking good),  good writing, and easy to readable, you will get good grades in the exam or select for any college or university.

Topics Understanding

Sometimes students are confused about essay topics to write. Many students think many times what should write in a college application essay. You should focus on the best topics for college essays. First of all, you consider the word topic.The topic is important for your college application essay. The topic generally tells about the information or understandable to the writer.

The purpose of the topic is to create an essay. If you want to choose the best topics for college essays, you should study more deeply about any topic or think that your topic is readable for the examiner.

Here we have discussed the 5 Best topics for college essay

You should write your own interesting topics like hobbies, stories, challenges, and many topics you can write well. Here are some college essay topics to write about.


Challenge means a task or problem. challenges essay is very important for college essays. Everyone faces problems or challenges in your life. Everyone learn from challenges or experience. You can write well in challenges college essays.

In this challenging essay, you can write easily because you know about your challenges. challenge essay examples like

problem-solving, personal or professional challenges, Graduate Study Challenges, manage time, Failure, etc are the challenges essays. 

Outdoor activity

Outdoor activity means out of the door or other words we can say in nature surroundings. The Outdoor activity essay examples in games like cricket,  football, tennis and other activities like horse riding, hiking, traveling, camping, cycling, rafting, rock climbing, surfing, etc. Students love outdoor activities. Some students are confused about how to write a college application essay.

This topic benefit is, you will not think many times what should I write.  In this approach, you can obtain excellent marks in the college application essay.


The story means events or history. We have many stories listened from our grandmother or grandfather.

The story essay examples are like playground memory, climbing a mountain, My secret place, Near-death experience, Best summer or winter memory of childhood, A place where I would like to live, My first job experience, My funny real story, stories of school or college years, friendship stories, etc.

Stories create a scene in our minds whenever write an essay. Examiners are people, and they love stories. Stories are one of the best topics for college essays. 

Memorable meals

Everyone eats, people Love Food Stories and think out their favorite foods and family parties. Family parties are usually memorable events because every relatives meets with each other and shares childhood memories. Memorable meals essay examples

A Memorable Time in My Life, My Dream meal, Breakfast “ The Most Important Meal of the Day, etc. You can write a memorable meal essay in college essays. You can share your food-related memory in a college essay. This is also the best topic for college essays.

Social Media

In todays world, Social Media is a big platform for anything. In Social media, we share our thoughts, information, ideas, career interests. We can use a lot of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other channels. We can write easily on social media channels in college essays because we know all of the things about social media. is one of the best essay writing service providers. We provide essay help to many students who are facing such problems with writing essays. By reading this article, you will come to know it is beneficial to take the best topics for college essay help from our experts. We make sure that you will never regret your decision.

How to write Synthesis Essay?

Here in this blog writer will guide you about how to write synthesis essay step by step.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a written work which consumes a unique viewpoint around a central theme, idea, or topic, and backs it up with a mixture of multiple sources. A synthesis writing essay needs the capability to digest data and present it in an organized way.

Purpose of Writing a Synthesis Essay

The purpose of how to write synthesis essay is to develop strong connections among different works with the major goal of eventually assisting a claim. Synthesis writing will need students to have the ability to digest vital information and then present it effectively. While the essay is writing, the major thing to do is to know the essays.

Types of Synthesis Essay

Explanatory synthesis

An explanatory essay generally focuses on descriptions to bring the scene to the mind of the listener. There are no opinions or arguments provided in this essay format; it based on facts.

Argumentative synthesis

The main aim of an argumentative synthesis is to give the opinion concerning a specific point and support it with evidence.

Key Features of a Synthesis Essay

  • Report data from the sources using different sentences and phrases
  • Organize so that readers may immediately see where data from the sources 
  • Make sense of the sources and help the reader understand them in greater depth.
  • Creating a scratch outline is vital in essay writing. It helps the students to organize the several sources that one has.

Standards to use in a synthesis essay

  • It should always support the claims by using different sources. 
  • The essay must be able to make a dialogue among the ideas one writes and the major sources used in the current research.
  • The main goal of a synthesizing essay is to educate the reader through a specific topic, and for one to succeed in the similar, students have to use persuasive language.
  • Use a good tone and language in the essay.
  • A student must select good descriptive words for the title so that the reader may be attracted to the work.

How to Write Synthesis Essay

Before to start writing a essay, it is always good to have an outline of the essay. The essay must include three major parts:

The introduction

The sentence, which is the introductory one, must have a hook. It is a way the readers will find it interesting in reading. It must be influencing the reader. Students should then continue to explain the issue at hand. Lastly, students may represent the thesis statement.

The body

Every paragraph in the body must start with a topic sentence, which is a reason to support the thesis statement. The paragraphs must not be structured regarding the sources but throughout the paragraphs.

The conclusion

In conclusion, a student must state the importance of the topic from the reasons and evidence that one has discussed in the essay. It should be helpful to restate the thesis.

Points must be included in Synthesis Essay

The following are some major points that should be included in essay writing, such as:

  • Make a central claim.
  • Relate the sources together.
  • Make meaningful citations
  • Use strong transitions between the topics
  • Elaborate on key ideas

Points must be avoided in Synthesis Essay

The following are some major points that should not be included in how to write synthesis essay, such as:

  • Create vague statements
  • Miss the sources point
  • Elaborate the sources


Synthesis essays are the most challenging educational assignments a student may get. Writing a synthesis essay can cause several major difficulties, and one must be prepared for it. The whole process is time-consuming.

There is one easy way to overcome this major problem and still have time for yourself and all over the world. Our experts deal with everything from a simple essay to a difficult capstone project. Our company is a reliable one in the market. The team of professional experts will give you high-quality papers for any subjects.

Professional Guide on How to write the best 1000 word Essay

Here in this blog, will explain you about how to write an essay and how to write the best 1000 word essay.

Writing an essay is a crucial task for the students while pursuing their academic studies. To improve their writing skills, students start seeking out ways on how to write an essay from different sources such as the internet, books, magazines, and much more.

Sometimes, a student needs to write an essay for a scholarship, a contest, and mostly for the class homework, and most of the students find it challenging to do so. Students can perform it very well if they know the right sequence of how to write an essay.

There are several steps by which a student can simply perform a task. By following the process mentioned below, a student can write different kinds of essays.

Here are some steps on how to write an essay

1. Select a topic for your essay-

Sometimes a topic is assigned by your teachers, sometimes not. Then you have a choice for writing an essay on the matter of your personal preference. If you have an assigned topic to write an essay, then you should think about the type of paper that you want to create. Maybe it will be a general overview of the subject, or its a specific analysis.

Sometimes you dont have an assigned topic to write an essay. Yet this is also an opportunity for you to choose a subject which is suitable for your writing. First of all, define your purpose why are you writing that essay on the topic that you choose.

You can also start by structuring a list of some of the topics. Then limits this list to a maximum of 3-4 topic. You can then conduct research for looking, which topic has enough data to write on. Select an essay title to write on with good sources for the research. Just remember the ways on how to write an essay. A 1000 word essay usually consists of three main parts: introduction, body, conclusion.

2. Draw up an outline and design your ideas according to your essay topics-

If you want to write a successful essay. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need to organize your thoughts and ideas to draw up useful outlines for your essay; you can do this by writing your earlier thoughts that pop up in your mind about the topic and insert it on the paper.

To design your ideas according to your topic, write down the first line that defines the middle of the paragraph. Write the first three to five lines briefly about the subject of your essay and then write all your ideas about the issue at the end of the paragraph.

3. Write your opinion in a systematic way-

After selecting your topic, arrange your ideas into appropriate categories. Now you need to create an opinion statement. That gives the reader an idea of what are the points of your essay. Now check your diagram and your ideas that you want to write in the essay.

Your opinion statement must comprise of two parts. The first part, you have to talk about the introduction of the topic. In the second part, you should understand the main content of your essay. In other words, the second part must consist of the subject of your essay in brief. 

For example

If you are writing an essay on terrorism and world peace. In this essay, in the first part, you need to mention some information on world peace.

In the second part, you have to write in brief about how terrorism is a big bane for the people who are living all around the world, and then you can write some of the useful action on terrorism at the international level.

4. Body of the essay-

Later, you should write the body of the essay that can represent the flow of your thoughts. Describe all points of view about your essay, your thought, and your ideas in brief.

All your opinion and thought that you choose to write in your essay will come in a separate section in the body of your essay. 

Each of your ideas will take a new heading in the body of your essay, and the basic structure of all ideas will remain the same.

At the starting of every point, first, tell the main idea that you want to write, and then you write down the supporting ideas. Try to flow all these methods, as it will lead you to the 1000 word essay, and this point can be an essential point on how to write an essay.

5. Conclusion of the essay-

The conclusion is the last part of an essay. It would help if you told your final opinion on the matter on which you write the essay and the solutions to how society can come out for a particular issue.

Do not write a new idea in the paragraph as it will lead the reader to think about that idea, and they will distract them from the main idea that is conveyed from your essay.

6. Finishing Quotation of an essay-

At last, you read out your essay carefully. If you think that there is no mistake, checks your outlines and paragraph style, formats, etc. If you are sure that everything is perfect in your essay, then it doesnt mean that you can finalize it.

At last, you can write a relevant quotation which is suitable to your essay topic.

The quote which you write at the end will have to be ideal for your subject as well as attractive so that it attracts the reader immediately.

Why students need help to learn how to write an essay?

In college life, students have the task of writing an essay for regular assessments.

Some of the assignments need the essay writings on a research paper, and you have to give your point of view on a specific topic. Yet maximum teachers check the essay and give the marks to the student based on the outlines, paragraph style, and format of writing.

 If they find that the points of the essay are not relevant to the topic, then they can deduct the marks, so thats the reason why students need help to learn how to write an essay?

For developing their writing proficiency, many students seeking out other methods of writing an essay from different sources like magazines, newspapers, and books, etc.

So as we mentioned that in several situations, students need the help of experts who are available with professional writings and can help students in how to write an essay.

Several times students dont know about how to get help from the experts in their locality, but you can get help from experts through online medium on any essay writing.

Conclusion on how to write an Essay

Fellow all the steps as mentioned above on the topic ˜how to write an essay, so that you can write a 1000 word essay on any topic.

1000 words essay do not mean that you can write something that is not relevant to your topic.

Always provide the relevant information so that the reader can not feel boring while reading your essay.

Your essay should not be less than 1000 words because it may show the reader that you might be too lazy to write something, or you might not be interested in your writing topic.

Therefore try to exceed your word limit in your essay with the relevant information and with the supporting evidence.

How to Write a Narrative Essay

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is one where you relate a story from your point of view or personal experience, including precise and sensory information, to educate the readers and appreciate your point of view.

Your narrative essay is a kind of document, where you tell a story using a specific format and all storytelling elements.

Purpose of Narrative Essay 

This writing type is all about sharing stories ” thats the main reason. Your job as a writer is to inform readers about a real-life experience and, at the same time, make a clear point about why you are telling that particular story and why it is relevant.

Which makes it different from other essay types? Within a narrative essay, all you do is direct readers through the story; youre not making arguments

Guidelines for writing a narrative essay

Consider the subject

You would have to be able to tie the facts into an immersive storyline. When you are not interested in your writing and do not want to share your knowledge with others, this wouldnt be a good narrative essay.

Start with drafting

Writing a good story from start to finish without any preparation isnt easy. Therefore, you can create a narrative essay outline and draft and then refine it until you are satisfied that all the conditions were met. Lots of people, including popular authors, use this form.

Elements from the Storyline

Many stories include elements such as explanation, plot, characters, settings, etc. Those help each text catch the attention of the readers and make them think about it. Make sure that your narrative story includes all these elements, and is written according to all English grammar and proofreading requirements.

The perspective

Readers and listeners should understand your position in the story clearly, which is why it is so important to let them know all the specifics of the incident discussed and justify your opinion in a particular situation.

Proving and being helpful

Not only should you present your opinion but you should also give evidence to support it. You should include some information and references to readers that highlight your points of view and the outcomes of your conclusions.

Please dont give them information that your story doesnt mean anything

They make your essay too wordy and can leave readers confused. Find out whether they have significant roles in the story to decide if detailed specifics are needed.

Clear Script 

Choose plain words and language suitable to the text. The more your readers understand what youre telling them, the better their response will be, and please keep in mind that certain items that are easy to you that are unclear  to your readers so you can evaluate your text before handing it in.

Describe the chronology of events

As a rule, these papers are written in a proper chronological order to prevent misunderstanding and to motivate anyone who reads it to follow the authors thoughts with ease and interest.

Read some examples from a narrative essay

The more you read them, the more a well-developed plot youll be able to create. It would be best if you also watched video clips in which other people explain their experience because it helps to learn how to express your views properly.

Revise the essay

Review it for grammar and plagiarism, rewrite sentences that dont sound fine, and dont hesitate to ask your friends for advice. Several resources will help you review and edit your narrative essay.

Highlight the most important moments

Please remember that you will need to highlight the most relevant points or facts to help your audience understand them and appreciate their position in the story and their effect on the outcome.

Steps for writing a narrative essay

The narrative essay writing process isnt that different from other college assignments. First, you have to pick a topic and do research on it. Second, you outline with as many details as you can and begin composing a draft. Third, you are revising the thesis, editing it, and submitting it for review to a teacher.

Heres how to write a narrative essay in order not just to help you get a good score, but also to impress and encourage your readers.

Step 1-Select a topic

In general, teachers give us the opportunity of choice when it comes to the topics of narrative essays. And this is what the problem is. You sit down, and the thought of what to write can not come up. Heres the chance of picking the very first topic to come to your mind, but dont!

Your narrative essays success depends on its topic too. You will pick something that is both important to you and attractive enough to get the viewer connected. Do brainstorming to that end.

  • Ask yourself questions about what is bothering you and what youd like to chat or speak to someone about.
  • Using social media to brainstorm your essay story
  • Take a walk, and think until you come up with an idea.
  • Try to write freely: take a pen and a notebook and start writing down all the thoughts you have in mind. Re-read out what you wrote. Are there any ideas for your narrative essay you might use as a topic?

Step 2 “ Outline the Details

Like argumentative essays, narrative ones are about your own life and experiences; therefore, you dont need any detailed study to support evidence, conclusions, or your point of the thesis.

You need thoughts to be structured to state your thesis and see if there are any gaps in your knowledge to explain all the specifics in your narrative essay.

Step 3-Write your draft

Now its time to begin writing and order your essays content correctly. Divide the outline into three parts: a story setup, the main climax part, and a conclusion.

Step 4-Review a draft

Set it down until the first draft is ready and wait a couple of hours before revising it. Take some walk, a nap, a cup of coffee, anything. For a moment, you need to disconnect yourself from the story to evaluate the writing from a fresh viewpoint.

Step 5-Edit your essay

This step consists of finding weak spots in your narrative essay, proofreading it to prevent mistakes in spelling and grammar, and revising its language and tone to improve reading comprehension.

Ask others to read your paper before you submit it to a professor. They can note your skipped mistakes or share their opinion on your essay. This will help you get the story straight and make it more convincing.


A narrative essay is one in which you tell a story from your point of view or personal experience, providing factual and sensory details to teach the readers and appreciate your viewpoint. Revise the essay Check it for grammar and plagiarism, rewrite sentences that dont sound good, and dont hesitate to ask your friends for help.

 In this blog, we educate you on how to write a narrative essay. Hope you have understood the information given by us. If you read this article, then you will understand how to write a narrative essay. If you want any essay help online then take help from our experts. We would be happy to help you out. 

Essay Vs Research Paper:Read full differences

Today, studies in schools and colleges become harder than ever before. Nowadays students seem very busy with their academic workloads. Teachers of all subjects from time to time assign to their students different assignments.

Most of the students are not able to understand the difference between essay and research paper. Some students think that both are the same because both are their academic writings. Naturally, sometimes it becomes impossible for one to explain the essay vs research paper.

Most students ask the same question: what is the difference between essay writing and research paper? If you are also confused about essays and research papers. Then you came to the right place in this blog. We are going to discuss all the important things related to essays and research papers. So that you can easily understand the difference between the essay vs research paper.

What is essay-:

Essay writings are one of the most common kinds of writings. Essay writing is the most important part of students academics also. It does not matter that you are studying in a school or a college. Essay writings are the assignments that teachers assign to their students at all levels of studies.

From the beginning of middle school, teachers mostly give you small essay writings. Then with the time when you came to the higher classes, time to time teachers also give you long length essays .

 In the higher level of your studies, the teachers of your academic can assign you more lengthy essay writings. But not more than 1500 words. The main purpose of giving such essay writings is to improve students writing skills, check their creativity and also teach them the art of persuasion and exposition.

But not more than 1500 words. The main purpose of giving such essay writings is to improve students writing skills, check their creativity and also teach them the art of persuasion and exposition.

Essay writings are very important for every student because essay writings are direct effects on students academic grades.

Types of essays-:

As we already discussed, essays have become an essential part of the formal education of students. Students have to complete many different essay writing before the deadlines.  If you want to get a better understanding of essay vs research paper then you should have to get a piece of knowledge about both essay and research papers( even their types). So here we mentioned the different types of essays-:

1. Descriptive Essays-:

In the descriptive essay writing students requires to in-depth describe a particular essay topic given by their teacher.  This type of essays writing improves students intellectual, physical or emotional sense.

2.Comparison Essays-:

In the comparison essay writing student is required to include a comparison of two or more things or objects.

3. Academic Essays-:

The main objective of academic essay writings is to check students writing skills, and the students  capability of organizing thoughts and ideas.

4.Narrative Essays-:

Narrative essays are one of the most different types of essay writing. The narrative essay is just like narrating a story to the target audience. It contains climax, flashback, and flash-forward in the essay.

5. Philosophical Essays-:

In this type of essay writing a writer requires making thesis statements. Along with he also gives some logic and counter logic for reaching the conclusion.

What is research paper-:

The research paper is another type of writing assignment that the teacher assigned to their students. Research paper writing is also one of the most essential parts of students academics, as it also affects students academic grades. 

In simple words, a research paper is defined as a writing that is plagiarism-free, original, and based on research. To write a successful research paper a student requires in-depth research in different directions for getting all the relevant and reliable information about the topic of the research paper.

Only after doing a well-research on the topic, a student can able to prove the central objective question and statement of the research paper. Commonly a research paper requires at least 8 pages. But sometimes if the topic is complicated then students have to do in-depth research on different aspects of the topic. Therefore the length of the research paper may go up to 15+ pages.

Types of research paper-:

To understand the difference between essay vs research paper. First of all, one should get to know a piece of information about both research papers and essays, including their types. So here we mentioned some types of research papers-:

1. Analytical Research Paper-:

The analytical research paper is one of the most important types of research papers. The analytical research paper gives an in-depth informal analysis of the specific topic. In this paper writing students have to select a topic by themselves, exploring that topic in the form of a question.

2.Compare And Contrast-:

The name of this research paper itself describes that it includes a comparison of something. In this kind of research paper students are required to examine and describe the difference between two subjects or things.

3.Argumentative Research Papers-:

In the argumentative research paper students have to choose a controversial topic. After then they give the introduction of that topic which gives the audience the idea of what is in the research paper. In simple words, the argumentative research paper writer informs the audience about the specific controversial topic.

Essay vs Research Paper Difference

Basis of differenceEssayResearch paper

It is natural that in most essay writings, students are required to give their personal opinion.In the research papers, a student has to include scientific perceptions along with their personal opinion.
2. Objective-:The main objective of essay writing is to improve students writing skills and creative capability.

The main objective of research papers is to teach students how to research and analyze detailed information about a specific topic.
3. Focus -:

Essays always focus on audience perception.Research papers always focus on the logical organization of the matters related to the topic.

4. Types-:

Comparison essay, Academic essay, Philosophical essay, Narrative essay, and Descriptive essay.Analytical research paper, comparison research paper and Argumentative research paper.

5. Methodology-:

Essay writing does not require a particular methodology. A specific particular methodology is required for it.

6. Length-:

Usually, the length of essay writings is short. Actually, essays contain 4 to 5 paragraphs.A research paper requires at least eight pages. But sometimes it maybe goes up to 15 pages.
7.  In-depth research-:Essays do not require too much research.

A research paper requires in-depth research on the topic from various sources.

8. At the which stage of studies-:

Essay writings are the assignments that are commonly assigned to the students of school and college.

The research papers are the assignments that are commonly assigned to students of Ph.D., etc.

9.  Material shows-:

Essay can show the writers opinion sometimes.Research only shows reliable and technique facts of a particular topic. 


From the above discussion, now you know about essay vs research papers. If you want essay vs research help, then you can visit our essay help or research paper writing service .

How to Write an Essay

As we all know, we all have written essays in childhood. Whether it is about high school or college, we have written it all over. Essays are also used in the world of business. If I give you the definition of the essay, This is a small part of writing which gives you information and also tells the writers opinion. In the upcoming paragraph we will make you understand how to write an essay.

Steps for writing an essay

Writing essays for some people is like sitting at a computer and typing, but if you want to write a good essay, then you need a lot of planning.

If you have never written an essay or you have to work harder to want to increase your skills, then you will have to follow some steps for writing essays.

To write an essay, you should generally:

  • Decide what kind of essay you want to write.
  • Brainstorm on your topic
  • Research on your topic
  • Develop a thesis
  • Outline your essay
  • Write your essay
  • Edit your writing to check your spelling and grammar

There are many steps to see, but if you follow these steps, then you will understand easily how you write an essay.

1.Choose the type of essay.

In the first task of writing an essay, we have to see what kind of essays we have to write. There are four main categories into which essay can group as:

  • Persuasive essay- persuade the reader for some point of view
  • Tale essay-Either tells the story or gives straightforward information as in the story to the readers.
  • Expository essay- Explain to the reader how to complete a process. For example, if you know how to make a soft drink, then write an expository essay and give a  step-by-step instruction. 
  • Descriptive essay- Whatever is going on, we have to focus on its details. If you want to write descriptive essays about your German trip, then you will tell how you felt, what are the special things of German, etc.
  • Compare and contrast essay-To tell the similarities and differences between the 2 subjects, we write compare and contrast essays.
  • Problem-solving essay- Tell the readers about a problem, tell them to care about it and give a solution, and stay ready to overcome objections.

2. Brainstorm your topic.

You cant write an essay until you know about it. Brainstorming is the process in which you come up with a topic. You have to just sit and think about the ideas.

  • If you want to identify a subject well and go into its depth and to recognize the various facets of your topic, then brainstorming is very important.
  • Write down everything that comes in your mind, you can narrow down those topics later.

Once you have a list of all the possible topics, then you can select any of them which will answer the questions asked for your Essay.

Select the best topic on your list and start writing an essay.                       

3. Research on your topic.

Once you have completed Brainstorming and have chosen the best topic as per your wish. After that, it is necessary to research the topic for writing a good essay. For that, we will have to go to the library or take the help of the internet or what can we do, we can take the help of any person who is an expert in this field.

Keep the research well organized so that later it will be easier for you to explain. This will also make it easier when you writing your final essay.

4. Develop a thesis

The thesis statement acts as the main point for your writing. This is a sentence that tells what your essays are about. For example, assume that your thesis statement is The most important discoveries of science. 

You can use this as your base and can write your entire essay. Remember, we have to bring all the different points in our thesis. The thesis statement should be broad enough that you have to say enough about it, but not so broad that you cant be through.

5. Outline your essay

The next step is the outline. In this, we tell what we are going to write. By writing the outline, it ensures that your paper is logical, well organized, and flows properly.

Start writing a thesis statement at the top, then write a topic sentence for each paragraph below that. This means you know exactly whats each of your paragraphs going to be about before you write them.

  • Do not jumble all ideas in the paragraph and do not confuse the reader.
  • Ensure the transition between your paragraphs so the reader understands how the paper flow from one idea to next.
  • Fill in the supporting facts from your research under each paragraph. Make sure that every paragraph comes back to your thesis and So, it becomes an understandable and cohesive essay.

6. Write your essay

Once you have completed the outline work, after that our next job is writing.

We have to write according to the outline. To write a good and clear essay, get the basic skeleton out of your mind.

If you want to read your essay again or want to edit, then you have to check whether it is sounding the way I want it. Here are some things to remember:

  • Revise for clarity, consistency, and structure.
  • Support your thesis adequately with the information in your paragraph.
  • Make sure everything is going with the flow. As you move through the essay, transition words should be our top priority because the transition words work as a glue that connects every paragraph together and Prevents essay from becoming disjoint.
  • Re-read your introduction and conclusion. Will your reader know what your paper was really about?

In your introduction hook is very important so it becomes important for you to add some hook in it. It is a line, it will entice the readers and encourage them to want to learn more.     

7. Check spelling and grammar

You have written the essay, but the work is not yet complete. Re-read what you have written and correct any mistake that has been made.

  • Revise the technical errors.
  • Check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling because it cannot always depend on spellcheck. You cannot always depend on spellcheck. Sometimes you misspell a word incorrectly, but your misspell word will also be considered a word.
  • Another common area of concern is quotation marks. It becomes necessary to work with Accuracy and clarity

So these were some important steps by which we can tell how to write an essay.


In this blog, we educated you in regards to how to write an essay. This will give you a format on how to write an essay. 

We believe all you have understood the tips for writing a good essay. 

If you want any essay help online then take help from our experts. We would be happy to help you out. 

How to Structure an Essay

In this article we are providing a complete guide on ˜essay structure. As a result of which you can get better knowledge about how to structure an essay.

Essay writing is an indispensable component to academic success at every level. It is, specially, the way in which people communicate with each other within the academic community . Therefore, there are some basic ways in which academics structure their work and formal ways of communicating.  Many instructors and professors also write essays at a professional level.

At another side, many students fail in writing their essays either in failing to plan before or in not understanding the expectations of essay writing. For this, appropriate and effective essay structure is crucial. 

So how to structure an essay? What is the best essay structure format?

Best essay structure format

First of all, consider about an essay. What is it going  to do? Everybody knows an essay is simply an argument. Now, by argument we dont mean an abusive match between two people. indeed, we are talking about a formal argument, as  an idea or a claim, which is supported by some  logic or an evidence.

Parts of an essay

Every good essay has mainly three  parts: An introduction, a Body, and a Conclusion.

The question how to structure an essay has a simple guide that will show you how you can make your essay structure perfect by clearly introducing and concluding your argument, and establishing coherency between the paragraphs.

Where the essay starts

When you are writing an essay, everything is important whether it is a  sentence or a paragraph.but, most important would be an introductions . introduction is must in order to create a great first impression.

You should already aware about this, but most professors and tutors will start grading your work in their head as soon as they begin reading it. They will sort your essay, maybe not in terms of a grade, but most definitely in terms of strong/weak, effective/ notion is that scale of your essay will fall before reading the full introduction. so, the introduction is just  something that you must start strong.

Always write an introduction that clearly sets out the objectives of what you are about to write. State what the essay will try to accomplish and mention some of the main points you will consider throughout the essay. The idea is to give the instructor an overview of your argument, in order to show logic and coherency  in your thought process. remember , not to go into any of your key points in depth in your introduction “ they will each be covered by a full paragraph later on. 

The body of your essay

The second part of the essay comes with the body. This is the longest part of the essay. indeed, a short essay will have at least three full paragraphs; a long essay considerably more.

Each paragraph should have a point that relates to the topic. 

Paragraphs, like the essay conclusion, also have an expected structure. You should have one paragraph for each major new idea within your essay, to clearly show the examiner the structure of your argument. Each paragraph should begin with a sentence that sets out the main point you are going to mention in that section. 

The end of your essay

The last section of your essay is definitely the conclusion. In general, this will also be a single paragraph in brief, but can go on to two or three lines more for slightly longer discussions.

Every well-structured essay ends with a conclusion. Its main purpose is to summarise the main points of your arguments. Besides,  the conclusion is also to draw a final decision or judgement about the issues that you have discussed. Sometimes, conclusions cross its boundaries to connect the essay to broader issues or areas of further study.

Note that conclusions do not have any new idea “ it is simply a reminder of what your essay has already mentioned. It may be useful again to refer back to the title in the conclusion to make it very clear to the examiner that you have thoroughly answered the questions and covered all the major parts. Make sure to make your conclusion  concisely that touches  each key point.


Now you should have a solid catch on how to structure an essay. Also, you might not be aware of how to actually begin structuring your essay. Everyone has his own ways. Some people find no trouble thinking everything out in their head, and starting with the introduction and how to end with the conclusion.

If you are not confident, however, we suggest you start writing the body paragraphs first. Since each body paragraph has a main idea, then once you know what your main ideas are, your job becomes easier. Write down the introduction and conclusion after that.

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College essay on leadership

All school students have a dream to take admission in a good college. Every year, students apply for college. Every year, colleges take the exam on leadership essay. Some students do not understand leadership and what it is. Students can not write well in the exam because lack of knowledge and dont have proper writing skills.

In this blog, we will tell the college essay on leadership. 

Who is Leader?

A leader accepted from society who has great skills, motivate others, listen and some suggestion to others. A leader is important for every field. If you have no leader, you can not succeed in your society or any work. You have seen a leader in your society. You have well-known about his work, nature, qualities, and characteristics.

How to choose a topic for college essay about leadership

A leader essay is a complicated process. Sometimes you have confused about leadership and no idea to write for a leadership essay. Here are some examples of the leadership topic  

leadership style

You can think about leadership style which means to show a method of work.

Examples for life

You can try to remember your life example.

Social leader

You can think or imagine for your social leader. Everybody lives in a democratic country where a social leader has an important role in society. You can think of his work, nature, quality, characteristics and more.

Brainstorm technique

You can think about the structure of your leadership essay. The benefits of brainstorming are created ideas in your mind. In this brainstorming technique, you can understand or identify leadership characteristics.

You can think about the leaders like a group leader, team leader, sports leader, social leader, etc. Once you think about it and you can easily write in the flow. lets take an example of MS Dhoni. Brainstorming techniques are.

  • Good behavior
  • strong strategies
  • decision making 
  • commitment and passion

Create an Outline of college leadership essay

Whenever you write a leadership essay in college, Therefore you should create an outline. Outline means a structure of your essays like introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. If you create an outline, you can get good grades in the exam. The steps of an outline are given below.


Give an overview of the leadership essay. You can not write more arguments in the introduction. An introduction is the major part of the leadership essay because the examiner checks your introduction first.

Body Paragraphs

You can write 3 to 4 paragraphs in the body with most of your arguments, focus ideas and examples of leadership. Here an example of the body paragraph. You can write original examples of leadership qualities.

  1. Qualities of leader
  2. Honesty and Confidence
  3. Transparency
  4. Creativity and Innovation
  5. Decision-making capabilities.
  6. Vision and Purpose.
  7. Hard worker.


the conclusion is the endpoint of the essay. A Conclusion is the most important part of your leadership essay. It is the last step to impress the examiner. You can write leadership thoughts, character, compassion, and courage.

Focus on key qualities

In the leadership essay qualities are the major point. You can focus on leadership qualities.

  • Honest: Honesty is the cornerstone of the leader. All people love his honesty.
  • Confidence: A leader is full of confidence in his work and gives confidence to his followers or audience. 
  • Decision making: A leader is well known for his decisions. Leaders always take decisions without any fear to achieve a goal.
  • Good communicator: A leader always a good communicator because he shares an idea and listens to others, pays attention to some cases and behavior.
  • Problem-solving: A leader is also known as a problem solver. He solves many problems. Here an example of a political leader who solves many problems of the country, city, etc. Leaders solve the problem through the following ways.Firstly Analyze the problem,communicate ,develop solutions, learn from mistakes.
  • Courage: A leader can not fear anyone because he has a lot of courage to face the problem.
  • Positive attitude: Positive attitude means happy, try new things, and a mindset of any work. A leader works as a positive attitude and he also encourages his members. 

Examiner looks at leadership qualities that you write. You can obtain the best grades in the exam if you write leadership qualities. You can more write leadership qualities in a college essay about leadership.


A leader is a person who inspires motivates, listens to others and works together. You can write easily in a college essay about leadership. If you have any problem with the leadership essay, dont worry we are available for you. provides essay help online, We have a dedicated team of experts are available at 24/7 customer support.

A complete guide to make College application essay format

Many students want to know how to write college application essays as they want admission. When you write a college application essay, it must create a long-lasting impact on the reader. You must write those points that will make your reader remember you. Not everyone can write good content. You can format the college application essay in an impressive manner. 

An essay is part of writing which tells or notifies to the Reader about any special topic. An essay gives full information about any topic. Essays can many forms. 

Essay types are

  • Narrative essay, 
  • Descriptive essay, 
  • Expository essay, 
  • Persuasive essay. 

College Application Essay

A college application essay is a written statement that is used to take admission for elective college and university. The essay has parts like introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. College application essay is about applicants basic family background and qualified from which school, and exam details like grade point average and percentage.

Advantages of a college application essay

1. Helps that stand out

2. Proves you can write well

In this article, we understand the college application essay format

college application format essay format depends upon cutting and pasting. You should double “ triple check your copy and paste format into a text box-like Microsoft word. If you ignore this format, your essay shows incorrectly.

  1. Check your whole essay when you transferred
  2. Check words in a text editor
  3. When you copy or paste, you should check the format of Bold and Italic.

College application essay format Guidelines

Here we talking about features like margins, headings, and font size, spacing, etc.  If your essay is good and attractive, you will be selected for admission to college or university.


Margin is a space between the text or the endpoint of the document. Usually, A new document margin is set to normal in Microsoft word or other text editors. You can change the margin according to your needs.

Good use and correct format of the margin. A Margin around the page is very important for your college application essay. if the students do not use margin, they will get bad results by the examiner because of your formatting style is wrong.

For example, you can set or modify the format of margin in Msword, google docs.

Example of margin

Select the page layout, and click margins. Here are shows the image 

A complete guide to make College application essay format

When you click on the margin, you can see the drop-down menu.

A complete guide to make College application essay format

Here are the margins narrow will be changed.


Headings for the most important part of the essay. Your Headings format should be correct whenever you write a college essay because your reader or professor understands easily. In this image shows a heading format

A complete guide to make College application essay format

Here is shown box of heading,heading1,heading2, and so on. You can change Headings according to your college essay.

Make sure your heading should be short, specific and clear.

Line spacing

Line Spacing is also another feature of college application essay format. You can choose your line spacing for a college application essay. line alignments are single, double, multiple, etc. 

Lets take an example of line spacing all document with ctrl+A paragraph option in ms word here shows the option in the image

A complete guide to make College application essay format on the line spacing option¦

A complete guide to make College application essay format

4. Select Line Spacing Options and choose an option in the Line spacing box. can choose and adust according to your needs.

6. Select OK.

Font Size

Font size is the most important part when writing a college application essay format. It means how the characters large or small displayed on the screen. Font size 12 is good for college essays. You can change the font according to your needs.

A complete guide to make College application essay format
Bold and Italic

When you copy or paste, you should check the formate of Bold and Italic. Bold and italic are the most impact on college application essays. is one of the best essay writing service providers. We provide essay help to many students who are facing such problems with writing essays. By reading this article, you will come to know it is beneficial to take a college application essay format help from our experts. We make sure that you will never regret your decision.