Various Causes of Anorexia and Bulimia

Various Causes of Anorexia and Bulimia

What factors lead to anorexia ? According to Adriana Ginanjar, variegated trigger factor. First, because of the demands of the profession.

‘Victims’ of the second type are those that perfectionist personality. Anorexia is not just belong to woman in the name of physical beauty above all else, like the celebrities. Anorexia is also capable of ruptured lives of young executives who pursue perfection. Target to reach the pinnacle of success is not only measured from a brilliant career and social life are popular. Scales also played a role. If the scale is reduced, personal perfectionist felt powerful and in controlled circumstances.

The third type is those who had a traumatic experience in the past. According to a study conducted at University of Bristol, England, the children of women who experienced childhood violence, especially violence, apparently after many troubled adult diet. Emotional abuse in childhood also played a role. For example, living in a family environment and public opinion constantly feeding the importance of being thin.

The fourth type is the personality of their weak and depressed because of falling weight problems. For example, as a result of parents who divorced or cheating husband. Chaotic life that cause them to seek escape. The disorder is actually just a symptom of the real problem which is under the surface.

While according to other reference sources , found three factors trigger this disorder .

The biology is the first reason. Studies show, a young woman who has a mother or sister with the disorder have a greater risk to suffer from anorexia. This finding relates to the genetic tendency of the concept of perfection and sensitivity. Also found some evidence that serotonin also contribute to this disorder. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain associated with depression.

The second is the psychological factor. Those who suffered from anorexia tend to think of themselves not worth. There is also having an obsessive- compulsive personality that allows them to starve themselves. In addition, the desire to have a perfect appearance also cause anorexia because they will always feel that their weight is still excessive.

Socio-cultural factors are also found to trigger someone into anorexia. Media impressions often show thin models can affect a person’s concept of physical perfection, especially for young girls.

While according to the second reference source, There are several psychological factors that can cause a person to become anorexic. First, the inability to adapt to the changes happening around, such as a breakup, the death of parents, and other traumatic experiences. The point of all manifestations of confusion, disappointment or sadness.

The next is the cause of the crisis on one’s perception of body image. Not all teenagers can accept the changes in their bodies as a natural thing. People with anorexia typically will experience growth retardation certain parts of the body, so that their faces look younger than actual age.

In addition, feeling rejected or ignored family also factors trigger anorexia cases. Someone who comes from a family that is not harmonious often tend to blame and punish themselves by refusing to eat and starve.

Then, the cause of anorexia in terms of biological factors, social, and psychological are as follows :

1. Biological factors
Hunger causes many biochemical changes, some of which are also found in depression, such as hypercortisolemia and dexamethasone nonsuppression. Suppression of thyroid function, amenorrhea, which reflects a decrease in hormonal levels. The abnormalities can be corrected by feeding back.

2. Social factors
Patients find support for their actions in a society that emphasizes thinness and exercise. Gathered with family is not specific to anorexia nervosa. Patients with anorexia nervosa have the possibility of family history of depression, alcohol dependence, or an eating disorder.

3. Psychological factors and psychodynamic
Anorexia nervosa appears to be a reaction to the needs of adolescents to become more independent and improve social functioning. Usually they do not have a sense of autonomy and independence, usually grown under parental control. Hunger is created (self starvation) may be an attempt to gain recognition as a unique and special person. Only through self-discipline action unusual anorexic patients may develop a sense of autonomy and independence.


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