The Minefield of Online Writing Services

We here at provide writing and editing services, so, of course, were a bit biased when it comes to the writing services available online.

But our bias is borne out by experience. The dirty little secret of online writing services”including SEO companies that offer original blog articles, academic writing services that promise to write your homework papers, or SOP writing services that charge ridiculously low fees ($25 for an SOP!)”is that much of this writing is farmed out to the Philippines.

This is not to suggest that theres anything inherently wrong with the Philippines. Its a lovely country, with beautiful beaches, good food, lovely people, etc. But the writing from these Filipino writing factories is generally hasty, awkward, and often grammatically questionable.

Looking at search results on Google for the phrase SOP writing service, the problem comes into clearer focus. Many of the top results are nearly identical, offering SOP writing services for $20-30. They look like cookie-cutter websites: almost identical, with slight and superficial differences. Even among the more original websites, their sample essays are littered with problems, from grammatical errors to misspellings to word-choice curiosities galore.

And hence, our bias. At , we have two writers: one is a university professor and IELTS examiner with a PhD in Linguistics, and the other is an ESL textbook author and former ESL instructor with a degree in Communications and Journalism. We pride ourselves on writing formal essays that are interesting, personalized, and error-free. If youre not happy, were not happy.

Of course, there are other decent writing services out there. But its becoming painfully clear that the majority of writing services available in the search results are questionable at best and may actually end up hurting your chances of receiving admission.

When writing your own SOP, the best course of action is to write your own and ask a professional to proofread and edit it. This is cheaper, and it will inevitably be more personal and related to your specific needs and goals. Contact our editing service, and we will certainly give you suggestions and a reasonable price.

Whatever path you choose, it is important to remember that not all online services are equal and that low prices often signal low quality. Do your due diligence and find the best possible writing service for your specific needs.