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How do they relate to your professional and academic goals?

Discussion: Mission, Vision, and Personal Goals Are you familiar with Walden University’s vision and mission? Were they a factor in selecting this University? How do they relate to your professional and academic goals? Does it matter if there is a tight or loose relationship or one at all? This week’s Discussion asks you to think about how the Walden mission and vision and the School of Nursing (SON) mission and vision apply to your professional and academic goals. Is there a match? How does Walden’s mission and vision relate to your becoming a scholar-practitioner committed to social change? To […]

identify independent and dependent variables in your research problem,

Levels of Measurement There are many different methods for analyzing quantitative data; each method is dependent on the type of data gathered as well as the research question being addressed. The first step in analyzing data is to determine what kind of data you have—the level of measurement. Determining the level of measurement is a method of classifying the variables within a research study. Classifying a variable into its appropriate level of measurement helps a researcher determine the most appropriate statistical analysis for those data and to interpret the data the variable generates. In this Discussion, you identify independent […]

Implications of Social and Emotional Development for Policy

Walden University’s mission statement focuses on social change. (You can learn more about social change at Walden here: https://www.waldenu.edu/about/social-change.) When considering the relevance of social change with respect to social and emotional development, one can reflect on laws instituted by policymakers. As a practitioner in the field, being aware of the channels for communicating with civic leaders and knowing how to effectively use those channels are often important when working for social change. All institutions and groups—not just government entities—have their own politics, which can be thought of as a prevailing mind-set, an internal structure, and channels of influence […]

Instruments Measuring Resiliency discussion

Imagine that some of your colleagues mention using cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and reality therapy. Your colleagues continue to say that based on their experiences, they really like these therapies and that they appear to work. Your instincts also tell you that perhaps they might be helpful for your client in your case study. However, from Week 1, you recall that experiences and instincts as sources of knowledge are quite limited because they are biased. Instead, it is important to utilize existing research and data to support your choices of interventions. Theory helps […]

Internal Factors That Impact the Development and Approval of Curriculum

MSN APA format, 3 references 1 from Walden University Library Due Monday at 7pm EST 2 pages Internal Factors That Impact the Development and Approval of Curriculum Internal factors can impact every aspect of the curriculum development process. When developing and seeking approval for staff trainings, academic courses, or entire nursing programs, it is imperative that nurse educators are cognizant of the internal environment of the parent institution or agency. Recognizing internal politics, budgetary and resource allocations, faculty/staff characteristics, and the organizational structure of the setting can help nurse educators better prepare for the development process. In addition, aligning […]