Case Study 1: What are the components of an annual exam for an adolescent patient – Solution

What are the components of an annual exam for an adolescent patient

For this assignment, you will review the latest evidence-based guidelines, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.


You are a Family Nurse Practitioner working in a community health center. You are seeing a 14-year-old adolescent patient for an annual visit. The patient’s mother is also present during the visit and notes that the patient’s grades in school have been declining. Her son is also hanging out with a group of kids that she has concerns about. The mother has concerns about what is going on with her son. Answer the following questions using course resources (texts) and two other evidence-based sources (current guidelines and/or scholarly articles that are within a 3-5 year time frame).

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What are the components of an annual exam for an adolescent patient
What are the components of an annual exam for an adolescent patient

1. What are the components of an annual exam for an adolescent patient?

2. Is the mother required to be present during your exam?

3. Describe 1 health promotion idea that you would discuss with your middle adolescent patient. Why is this idea important?

4. What are some screening tools that might be of importance in this situation? (hint: do you suspect drug or alcohol abuse here?)

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