Cold and Cough Medication Assignment 1 – Solution

 Cold and Cough Medication Assignment

Preparing the Assignment

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment.

1. Use (Links to an external site.)  or another infographic development to design a patient teaching aid about OTC treatments for colds and cough.  Use PO drugs only.

2. Include the following required six sections. You do not have to use these exact words for headings, but they should be labeled to identify the intended topic.

a. What OTC drugs (active ingredients) are available to treat the following common cold and cough symptoms?

i. Nasal decongestants

ii. Cough suppressants

iii. Expectorants

iv. Antihistamines

v. Pain relievers

b. What is the recommended dose and frequency for each generic drug (active ingredient)?

c. How do I know which one to take?

d. How do I know which OTC medications are safe to take with others?

e. When should I stop taking the OTC medication selected?

f. When should I see my healthcare provider?

3. Format

a. Readability

b. Lay language for patients rather than professional language

c. Creativity

i. Use of graphics, images, etc.

d. Use PO drugs only

4. References & Participation

a. References used should be noted at the bottom of your infographic in a smaller font as not to distract from information provided but also validating the information came from a reliable source within the last 5 years. 

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Cold and cough medication assignment
Cold AND Cough Medication Assignment

b. References should be from either your textbook or a professional source such as American Gastroenterological Association, Prescriber’s Desk Reference, etc. 

c. References should not be from sources such as MayoClinic, WebMD, etc. 

d. Additionally, avoid use of journal articles for this assignment as you are looking for a more global consensus than that of one journal article. 

5. Screenshot

a. Provide a screenshot of your completed infographic.

b. Highlight the date the infographic was created (see example in image). 

c. The infographic submitted must match the screenshot submitted with the assignment.

d. The date the infographic is created must coincide with the session in which it is submitted.

e. You must submit the infographic itself (not a screenshot of the infographic) and the screenshot showing the completion date each as their own file. Each can be either a PDF, JPG, or DOCX – but each must be its own separate file.

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