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Tonsillitis and Tonsillectomy Post Operative Care Plan

Nursing Care Plan for Tonsillitis and Post Operative Tonsillectomy Definition Tonsillitis is a common presence of inflammation and swelling of the tonsillar tissue with leucocytes collection, dead epithelial cells and pathogenic bacteria in the crypts (Adam Boeis). Tonsillectomy is an invasive procedure that is performed to take with or without adenoid tonsil (Adam Boeis). Etiology […]

Self-Care Deficit – Nursing Care Plan

Self-care deficit is the impaired ability to perform self -care activities (bathing, dressing, eating, toileting) Signs and Symptoms Bathing / hygiene Clients experience the inability to clean the body, acquire or obtain sources of water, set the temperature or the flow of the water bath, get toiletries, dehydrate the body, as well as entry and […]