Social justice in the community nursing clinical practice

Social justice in the community nursing clinical practice.



I am place with health care agency and work in a city called Oshawa for my community placement as a student nurse. I worked with a preceptor as a home visiting nurse. Our care focuses on people with all ages. We go to people’s place such as school to provide insulin for students, houses, retirement, long-term care and different places of where people live to provide varieties of nursing care like Palliative care, wound care , stoma care , IV therapy ,Chronic disease management. Dialysis, Care of medically fragile children, Medication management. The purpose of each RCA is to provide an in-depth exploration of your experience, and to demonstrate your professional growth, and ability to integrate evidence into practice. Please refer to Black Board for additional guidelines. Social justice is a core value of community health nursing. Critically analyze and discuss an experience that reflects social justice and the way your practicum site uses the principles of primary health care (at least one) chose one out of these five : Accessibility, public or community participation, health promotion , Appropriate use of technology, intersectoral collaboration to increase social justice in the population your organization serves. I am currently working as vising student nurse to provide varieties of nursing care to all age groups in the community setting. Structure and Format RCA papers should be four to five pages and include at least four scholarly, peer reviewed references. Other expectations include proper use of language and grammar; well-organized and logical flow of ideas; clear transition between paragraphs; proper use of APA. The use of ‘I’ is acceptable in reflective scholarly nursing writing and will help to explore one’s own practice, ideas, new learning. This is the link to the health care agency of where i am placed to do my community clinical as a nursing student please READ ABOUT THIS TO HAVE IDEA OF WAHT THEY DO AND HOW THEY PRACTICE SOCIAL JUSTICE

Social justice in the community nursing clinical practice

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