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Role of a Helper in Mental Health

A helper steps in to assist and boost the mental wellness and wellbeing of people. As a helper, one has to take a holistic approach that ensures the individual can cope and solve the issues affecting wellness and wellbeing. Ideally, a helper can be a social worker volunteering to help a group of individuals going through depression. In helping, willingness and passion to help others are essential, as well as empathy and compassion.

I believe I take a holistic approach to helping. In this, I focus on helping the individual become better in all aspect of life. This should begin with promoting a sense of purpose in life, increased self-efficacy, social connectedness and ability to deal with personal issues. Besides, I also prioritize a sense of companionship, interactions and engagements in activities that make the individual relaxed and happier. For me, being a helper will also involves getting to known the person, building trust and nurturing a good interpersonal relationship that fosters healing and wellness.

Lastly, I have had the opportunity to help a recovering drug addict, as she tried to get her life together. Getting to understand the reasons that led to drug and substance use was among the best ways of learning to help and personalizing my assistance (Brekke, 2019). Advising her on how to cope up with feelings of not feeling worthy, mending ties with family and friends and getting back to work were also effective avenues of help her.

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Role of a helper in mental health
Role of a Helper in Mental Health

During the experience, I learned that active listening and showing empathy are among the most effective ways to offer help to vulnerable people. Besides, finding creative and refreshing ways to interact also makes it easier to build a lifelong bond that nurtures and restores wellness.


Brekke, E. (2019). Recovery in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders: a qualitative study of first-person and staff experiences.

Related FAQs

1. What is your role as a helper?

Helpers are generally responsible for the following: (1) defining and maintaining a helping relationship; (2) facilitating a helping alliance; and (3) facilitating the client’s movement toward some specific outcome.

2. What is the difference between a helper and a counsellor?

Related to different roles, helpers differ from counsellors in their training. Counsellors are primarily trained to counsel, whereas helpers may be primarily trained to be social workers, nurses, probation officers, priests, welfare workers, managers and in a host of other occupations.

3. Why is it important for a helper to work within the limits of their capability?

Working within your competence as a counsellor is vital whether you are qualified or a student. If you don’t have the right knowledge, skills and experience to help a potential client, it’s important to make an ethical referral.

4. What are the roles and functions of counselors?

Professional counselors help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil; seek to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem; and promote behavior change and optimal mental health.

5. What is a skilled helper in counselling?

The Skilled Helper facilitates the client by helping them to formulate a plan of action, helping them accept their responsibility for becoming a more effective person and helping them to develop their own inner resources.

6. Why is it important to work ethically and safely in counselling?

Ethics are important in counseling, as they are a means to protect the welfare of the client and counselors by clearly outlining what is appropriate. Counsellors and therapists often come across some difficult and sensitive subjects. This leaves the client in a vulnerable position.

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