Quality improvement issue in nursing practice

Quality improvement issue in nursing practice.


Format: Write a minimum of (3) but not more than (5) pages that fully discuss the concepts listed in the grading rubric. Note: Your reference page will not be considered as part of the 3-5 pages. (Please note: Your paper must be a minimum of three pages.) Follow the APA (6th ed.) manual to guide formatting. Use 1″ margins, double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font. List at least (3) references. Note: Do not use your textbook or the APA (6th ed.) manual as a reference. Excluding in-text citations and/or a reference page will result in a failing grade for the paper. (If Schmidt & Brown is used as a reference, your paper will be returned to you and must be re-written.) Instructions: Review and print the grading rubric [PDF] Click for more options . Review the QSEN PowerPoint and the completed Quality Improvement Discussion etc. for helpful information. Identify and discuss a quality improvement issue in nursing practice Discuss tools for quality improvement. Develop a plan for improvement of the issue/problem. (This will be an example of a plan for a project. You will not be required to implement the project.) Body (Requested Content)(5 points for each):  Identify and describe a concern or problem related to patient care that you have noticed and believe needs to be improved. Is there a standard or guideline that is not being adhered to?  How do you know that this is a problem? o What evidence do you have that leads you to believe there is a problem? o Describe data that may be available to you: observations that you have made or patient/family complaints that have been voiced.  State and discuss which of the 6 IOM aims this problem relates to (safe, timely, effective, equitable, efficient, or patient centered).  Discuss the type of data that has been collected or needs to be collected to understand progress on improving this specific aspect of care. Identify the structure, process, or outcome.  Discuss the tools you will use to better clarify the concern or problem (control chart, histogram, Ishikawa fishbone diagram).  What other nursing staff would you include in the project and why? (List initials not full names)  What staff in addition to the nursing staff would you include in this project and why? (List initials not full names) Describe the Plan, Do, Study, and Act (PDSA) cycle that you would use as a test of change to improve the care related to the problem you identified.

Quality improvement issue in nursing practice

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