Gerontological Health Nursing

Gerontological Health Nursing.



Appendix D Ticket to Class • Place name on top left or right corner of paper • No credit if place after discussion in class begins • No single word responses • At least 100+ words in each response to questions • Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerely Scenario: Abuse  Mr. CO  75 year old male  Admitted with pulmonary fibrosis  As you are going towards the room to administer medications you hear his son say to him in a nasty tone of voice: “Stop being so stubborn. I need you to give me access to your bank accounts. You’re going to die alone unless you start cooperating.”  As you enter he room, the son leaves quickly  You notice the patient has tears in his eyes  You ask “Is everything okay?”  Patient shakes his head yes. Remains nonverbal  You give the medications and leave the room Instructions:  Did you notice any signs of elder abuse?  If so, what types of elder abuse were noted?  What signs, if any suggest that the nurse should ask some follow up questions?  As a nurse what is your next action?  What actions would you NOT take?  What if the patient said “NO” when you asked if everything was okay?  What questions would you ask to complete a nursing assessment?  What is your emotional response to the thought of caring for an older adult who has been mistreated?  Conduct a clinical assessment for screening and detection of elder mistreatment  What are general warnings signs of elder abuse?  How can older adults protect themselves from ever becoming victims of abuse or mistreatment?

Gerontological Health Nursing

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