So here is the breakdown for the reflection log is going to be an assignment that has a weekly update and needs to be turned in week four which is next week and week eight last week of class. What I needed to do was find someone to mentor. I don’t have anyone to mentor so I am making up a self reflection log based off of real life experiences from someone I know and speak to. So what I have attached in the email is week one through four answers that I was able to give to personalize the assignment I provided but you will need to fill in 80% of the paper with research and just add meat to the story. Please read the assignment and meet the requirements in the amount of words needed Per page. So the individual that I am using for myself reflection log is a friend who is married has been married for 10 years and is currently in the process of divorcing her husband who she has three children with. Where I fall in to mentor her is the fact that she needs guidance on what she needs to do to transition from being a stay at home mother and wife to being a single mom and building a coparent relationship with her soon to be ex-husband so the transition is not that hard on the children. I am also mentoring her on possibly going back to school for her masters degree. I am also mentoring her on making sure all the actions that she takes for the next year during her separation our actions that will help her advance in life alone. The goal she has set for herself with my assistance is to start researching the legal rights she will have and will have problems with when it comes to custody of the children. We have set a goal the first week for her to start researching problems that she may come across when facing her ex-husband in court for custody. I gave her the task of reaching out to social workers to make sure that she is well aware of what she needs to face this is a short term goal short-term goal for the second week was to get her paperwork in order as far as documenting and and printing all taxes and email correspondence she had with her husband as that will be needed in court soon. Week three short term goal was to communicate or Tim to communicate with her husband so as to avoid any nasty arguments when it comes to custody and try to find a common ground that in the best interest of the children. Week for was a follow-up from week three to continue to make an attempt to communicate with the husband. Her long-term goals are to have her own apartment within the next five months. She would like to start working on her degree in the next year starting spring of next year. And she would also like to start her own business in the next three years after she graduates but she is not sure what she wants to start a business in so she is focusing on looking at The things she loves to do the most. I know this is a lot of information but the self reflection log a majority of it is research is to if my steps are helping the mentee and those that’s where you come in she pretty much admit and substance to the assignment. I will add this point check in weekly and give you updates for that weeks assignment so you know what to add it onto the week reflection log for that specific week. the information I have just provided you can assist you with filling out what is required for week one through four in the attachment I have sent you. This is pretty much a my own diary for advice that anyone can give to a single mother in transition from a divorce with children. I need you to meet the minimum requirements of what the professor is asking for each individual log. It is 4 logs for 4 weeks and I have given you is information to help you build an assignment for each individual week. This is not something that Professor is going to submit through turn it in so you don’t have to worry about that the professor just wants good information to show that I am mentoring someone. If you have any questions let me know. This is an easy assignment it’s just packing information onto a log so there is no dos or don’ts for the assignment as long as it makes sense for transition or improvement for mentoring someone ending a marriage and what they should do starting over as a single mother.

I have also put in the type of person I am to help you for the questions pertaining to me as far as being a mentor. But if you want me to go in detail I am a very direct person I am an introvert but I am willing to help when help is needed but I do not sugarcoat things I have a strict mindset when it comes to getting things done I hit the ground running and I have no tolerance for self-pity.So the type of person that I would need to mentor would be someone that may struggle but they are open minded to change and they have the curry age to want to change and if they don’t have the courage to want to change that Lee show effort in changing by listening to my advice and doing something as long as someone is trying then I can mentor them if they show no effort than my weakness would be I showed zero tolerance and no patience for certain individuals.

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