Sample Statement of Purpose “ Public Health Management

This sample SOP was used by a non-native English speaker to apply to a masters program in Public Health Management in the UK


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Statement of Purpose “ Public Health Management / Management


     Ever since my childhood I have planned to follow in the footsteps of my parents, who devoted their lives to public health by running a long-term care institution. Having earned my bachelors degree in public health, I now plan to study management overseas, as I recognize the importance of good management in maximizing the services we offer and ensuring the continued success of this clinic. In the university, I learned about the European origins of social welfare, and how many of these laws and regulations have been exported and adapted around the world. This is what attracts me to Europe, as I am eager to learn from the examples set by European countries, and especially the UK. I am also looking forward to the chance to step out of my comfort zone and obtain a more cutting-edge and advanced education in management than I could receive in my native country, as this will give me a significant edge when returning home and resuming my career in public health and management.

I chose to study public health in the university because the public health curriculum was applicable to a wide range of areas, including the health care industry, public works and even public policy. Moreover, I was attracted to the public health department because of its focus on disease prevention as opposed to treatment and rehabilitation. The main courses focused on health administration and policy, and I had the chance to learn how theories can be applied in the areas of primary secondary, and tertiary prevention. At the same time, I took several courses on biostatistics, from which I used the scientific method to analyze and reach conclusions. Moreover, I also took a number of courses in management, policy, and administration, where I conducted several practical group projects that relate directly to my proposed masters studies.

Outside of class, I completed my internship in a hospitals planning department, where I helped plan various community activities. Indeed, a large portion of my education has come off campus. For instance, I attended several academic and industry conferences on long-term care institutions, where I talked with experts from academia and industry. I also worked at my parents long-term care institution, helping with elder care and assisting with accounting and policies. This institution has a nursing home, elder apartments, and respiratory care rooms, each of which requires different approaches to management. This is essentially why I have decided to specialize in management for my masters degree, as I hope to learn new and useful approaches that I can one day apply to my familys institution, developing services that will benefit both operators and consumers.

After completing your masters program, I hope to begin working in the planning department of a large institute, such as a hospital or other enterprise. I hope to contribute to the strategy formulation, product planning, and promotion, as this would be an ideal way to accumulate experience and hone my organizational and logical skills. I am interested in the work of a planner, as this relates to the work I expect to do at my familys clinic in the future. Therefore, after getting sufficient experience, I will return to my familys clinic, integrating our internal resources such as the community care, institutional care, and medical care. I believe that, with my assistance, we can share human resources and reduce costs, becoming much more efficient and productive in the process. If I am to accomplish these goals, however, I know that I must acquire much more advanced knowledge of management, which is why I sincerely hope to have the chance to join your masters program in the near future.


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