Sample Scholarship Essays for your University or Masters Application

            When you think of preparing your application to graduate school, youll inevitably think of the personal statement, CV, reference letters, and supporting documents. But for many people, an equally important part of the application is the scholarship essay.

Especially in the West, universities can be incredibly expensive, often prohibitively so. This may discourage many people from even applying in the first place.

The good news is, most schools offer several scholarships for students they deem worthy. In addition, there are many private scholarships that you can apply for.

If you are in financial need, taking the time to apply for these scholarships can be time very well spent. You should craft a general scholarship essay that can be adapted to different applications, and you can tweak these essays based on the requirements of each school or private scholarship.

Our sample scholarship letters are a good place to start. Its important to add your own experiences, skills, and personal details to your letter. If you need help with this, contact our SOP Writing Service, and we can help you write an essay that just might give you an edge”and a lot of free money for school!