Sample Scholarship Essay (2)

The below essay was used to apply for a scholarship to a postgraduate film school (personal details have been changed).



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Ever since I was very young, I have been captivated by motion pictures. As I learned more about the art of writing and directing a movie, my passive joy turned into more active critiques of how I might do things differently. When it came time to choose a major in the university, I chose Communication Arts in Smith University, and the curriculum there gave me a more sophisticated knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking including directing, screenwriting, producing and editing. I found that I have a particular talent for directing and screenwriting, and I collaborated with friends to join several filmmaking competitions and festivals outside of class, winning multiple awards in the process.

As a director, I have learned the complexities of managing the crew and leading the entire process while also discussing storylines with the whole group. As a screenwriter, I have learned to write imaginative stories that can be adapted to film. Now, as I look to postgraduate studies of filmmaking, I am confident in my planning, leadership, writing and directing skills, and I believe that I have the passion and the practicality needed to contribute a unique voice to the film world. I thus hope that you will find that I am a suitable candidate for your scholarship, as I am committed to not only producing great work but also being a productive part of a collaborative, creative community.

This scholarship will help me immensely in achieving my goals and my vision as a filmmaker. I intend to use the support from this scholarship to support my shooting program, and I look forward to creating several creative short films in order to explore my horizons as a filmmaker. One of my ideas involves representing the world of social media in a real-world way, creating a world in which people interact in real life through each others homepages and view their past lives without needing to speak a word. I am inspired by futuristic, often dystopian shows like Black Mirror, and I see endless opportunity for developing this vision and creating new storylines that are shocking yet relatable.

The scholarship you offer can help me turn my dreams into reality. Given my familys scarce financial resources, the money that I have saved from part-time work is simply insufficient for covering the costs of study in your school. If granted this scholarship, I have confidence that I can prove your decision a wise one, and I thank you sincerely for considering my request.