Question 2: Current Events

Whether you read the newspaper, listen to the radio, or get your news via the Internet, describe an account that is currently in the news that you believe is related to our study of deviance. The story or account may involve an attitude, a behavior, and or a condition.

First, briefly describe the story including the main players and issues.

Second, what specific attitude, behavior, or condition do you think is deviant? You don’t have to be sure of this – it is only our first week of class! – but can be something you want to pose for discussion.

Third, why do you consider the attitude, behavior, or condition deviant, and do you think most people would agree with you?

And finally, what was the outcome (if there was one) or what do you think should be the outcome (if there is not one – or if you disagree with the outcome presented in the story)?

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