Answer the multiple choice questions.
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Which of these episodes from the Odyssey is not recreated in the Aeneid? the land of the PhaeciansThe Underworld The death of a crew memberthe divine armor Which goddess is sent to liberate Dido of her final suffering? VenusMinerva IrisDiana Which of these is not a wife or lover of Aeneas? DidoAmata CreusaLavinia Which of these is not a portent in the Aeneid? the sow and the pigletsthe golden bough of Proserpina the eating of the tablesAscanius’ hair on fireWhich of these is the future site of Rome? the city of EvanderLavinium The city of King LatinusCarthage Who killed Cacus? EvanderOrestes HerculesAeneas What does the Latin phase “arma virumque cano” mean? I sing of the story of Aeneas.I praise our emperor. I will tell a story of war.I sing about arms and the man. What does the word “pietas” mean? devotion to our wives.obedience to gods, state and family. having been driven mad.excesive pride. What does the word “fatum” mean? the underworldtoo much pride fatehappiness What does the word “furor” mean? true devotion to the gods.the beginning of an epic poem. the state of being out of one’s mind.rage in battle. Who does Aeneas talk to in the Underworld, who tells him of his importance for the Trojan people’s future? AnchisesHades TiresiasTantalus Who was queen Dido’d murdered husband? AnchisesAscanius PygmalionSychaeus How did queen Dido’d soul react at seeing Aeneas in the Underworld? she embraced Aeneas.She turned away to go to her husband began to yell at Aeneas.talked to Aeneas for a long time. Who were the founders of the city of Rome? Ascanius and Latinus.Aeneas and Anchises. Julus and AeneasRomulus and Remus Who made Aeneas’ shield? VulcanNeptune JunoAugustusWhat was the name of Evander’s son? AeneasTurnus PallasLatinus Dido is queen of what…

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