NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part Two) NEW

NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part Two) NEW.

discussion part two (graded)

he returns to your clinic for follow-up blood work, and 4 values catch your attention:

ast 430 u/l

alt 535 u/l

bilirubin 41 mg/dl

bg 60 mg/dl

he admits to a history of moderate-to-high alcohol intake (>12 drinks/week for >10 years). he is slightly febrile (99.7°f) and has abdominal tenderness. he also admits to taking several, different over-the-counter pain relievers of different brands daily and continuously to combat the pain in his knee, in addition to his prescription(s) in part one. you decide to run a toxicology lab, and it reveals a blood acetaminophen concentration of 58 µg/ml.

what is the diagnosis at this point in his case? please explain the mechanism for how this occurs/occurred, and the antidote’s mechanism of action.

what is the subsequent management and treatment for this individual related to the diagnosis in part one.

NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part Two) NEW

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