NETW 561 Week 6 Case Study

NETW 561 Week 6 Case Study.

This is the second case study assignment required for the course. Case studies are designed to give the student the opportunity to analyze and solve real world problems.

Your completed case study will consist of your individual analysis and conclusions based on the following requirements:

The case study should be between 750 and 1,000 words.

Case Study 2 addresses privacy concerns with mobile VoIP based on the following article; as well as your supplementary research:

Mobile VoIP – a privacy accident waiting to happen?:

Subjects Covered: Information technology, Internet, Service management, Technology & operations, Telecommunications, Telecommunications industry.
In Case Study 2, focus on the following issues:

The potential for wireless VoIP

The significance or insignificance of privacy concerns with mobile VoIP

NETW 561 Week 6 Case Study

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