IELTS Speaking Test (first part) “ Practice Test (4)

Part 1 of IELTS will ask you several questions about 3 different topics.  Use the following tests and practice with a partner.  Try to answer the questions for all 3 topics in about 5 minutes.  If your partner does not give you a reason for their answer, ask why.

Lets talk about your hometown.

What do you like best about your hometown?

Are the transport services convenient in your hometown?

What dont you like about your hometown?

Lets move on to talk about presents.

When do people usually give presents in your country?

What was the last present that you gave someone?

Do you prefer to buy presents or make them yourself?

Have you ever received a present that you didnt like?

Lets talk about exercise.

Do you get enough exercise?

Do you prefer to exercise at home or at a gym?

What do you think is the best exercise?

Do you think you will exercise more or less in the future?