IELTS Speaking Test (first part) “ Practice Test (1)

Part 1 of IELTS will ask you several questions about 3 different topics.  Use the following tests and practice with a partner.  Try to answer the questions for all 3 topics in about 5 minutes.  If your partner does not give you a reason for their answer, ask why.

Lets talk about your home.

Do you live in a house or an apartment?

What does your house/apartment look like?

What do you like most about your house/apartment?

Lets talk about how you spend your free time.

What do you normally do in your free time?

Do you spend your free time differently on weekdays than on weekends?

When you have free time, do you prefer to go out or stay at home?

Do you spend your free time differently now than you did when you were younger?

Lets move on to talk about parks.

Do you often go to a park?

Did you go to parks when you were younger?

What do children normally do in parks?

Do you think you have enough parks in your town/city?