How to write Synthesis Essay?

Here in this blog writer will guide you about how to write synthesis essay step by step.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a written work which consumes a unique viewpoint around a central theme, idea, or topic, and backs it up with a mixture of multiple sources. A synthesis writing essay needs the capability to digest data and present it in an organized way.

Purpose of Writing a Synthesis Essay

The purpose of how to write synthesis essay is to develop strong connections among different works with the major goal of eventually assisting a claim. Synthesis writing will need students to have the ability to digest vital information and then present it effectively. While the essay is writing, the major thing to do is to know the essays.

Types of Synthesis Essay

Explanatory synthesis

An explanatory essay generally focuses on descriptions to bring the scene to the mind of the listener. There are no opinions or arguments provided in this essay format; it based on facts.

Argumentative synthesis

The main aim of an argumentative synthesis is to give the opinion concerning a specific point and support it with evidence.

Key Features of a Synthesis Essay

  • Report data from the sources using different sentences and phrases
  • Organize so that readers may immediately see where data from the sources 
  • Make sense of the sources and help the reader understand them in greater depth.
  • Creating a scratch outline is vital in essay writing. It helps the students to organize the several sources that one has.

Standards to use in a synthesis essay

  • It should always support the claims by using different sources. 
  • The essay must be able to make a dialogue among the ideas one writes and the major sources used in the current research.
  • The main goal of a synthesizing essay is to educate the reader through a specific topic, and for one to succeed in the similar, students have to use persuasive language.
  • Use a good tone and language in the essay.
  • A student must select good descriptive words for the title so that the reader may be attracted to the work.

How to Write Synthesis Essay

Before to start writing a essay, it is always good to have an outline of the essay. The essay must include three major parts:

The introduction

The sentence, which is the introductory one, must have a hook. It is a way the readers will find it interesting in reading. It must be influencing the reader. Students should then continue to explain the issue at hand. Lastly, students may represent the thesis statement.

The body

Every paragraph in the body must start with a topic sentence, which is a reason to support the thesis statement. The paragraphs must not be structured regarding the sources but throughout the paragraphs.

The conclusion

In conclusion, a student must state the importance of the topic from the reasons and evidence that one has discussed in the essay. It should be helpful to restate the thesis.

Points must be included in Synthesis Essay

The following are some major points that should be included in essay writing, such as:

  • Make a central claim.
  • Relate the sources together.
  • Make meaningful citations
  • Use strong transitions between the topics
  • Elaborate on key ideas

Points must be avoided in Synthesis Essay

The following are some major points that should not be included in how to write synthesis essay, such as:

  • Create vague statements
  • Miss the sources point
  • Elaborate the sources


Synthesis essays are the most challenging educational assignments a student may get. Writing a synthesis essay can cause several major difficulties, and one must be prepared for it. The whole process is time-consuming.

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