How to Write a Narrative Essay

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is one where you relate a story from your point of view or personal experience, including precise and sensory information, to educate the readers and appreciate your point of view.

Your narrative essay is a kind of document, where you tell a story using a specific format and all storytelling elements.

Purpose of Narrative Essay 

This writing type is all about sharing stories ” thats the main reason. Your job as a writer is to inform readers about a real-life experience and, at the same time, make a clear point about why you are telling that particular story and why it is relevant.

Which makes it different from other essay types? Within a narrative essay, all you do is direct readers through the story; youre not making arguments

Guidelines for writing a narrative essay

Consider the subject

You would have to be able to tie the facts into an immersive storyline. When you are not interested in your writing and do not want to share your knowledge with others, this wouldnt be a good narrative essay.

Start with drafting

Writing a good story from start to finish without any preparation isnt easy. Therefore, you can create a narrative essay outline and draft and then refine it until you are satisfied that all the conditions were met. Lots of people, including popular authors, use this form.

Elements from the Storyline

Many stories include elements such as explanation, plot, characters, settings, etc. Those help each text catch the attention of the readers and make them think about it. Make sure that your narrative story includes all these elements, and is written according to all English grammar and proofreading requirements.

The perspective

Readers and listeners should understand your position in the story clearly, which is why it is so important to let them know all the specifics of the incident discussed and justify your opinion in a particular situation.

Proving and being helpful

Not only should you present your opinion but you should also give evidence to support it. You should include some information and references to readers that highlight your points of view and the outcomes of your conclusions.

Please dont give them information that your story doesnt mean anything

They make your essay too wordy and can leave readers confused. Find out whether they have significant roles in the story to decide if detailed specifics are needed.

Clear Script 

Choose plain words and language suitable to the text. The more your readers understand what youre telling them, the better their response will be, and please keep in mind that certain items that are easy to you that are unclear  to your readers so you can evaluate your text before handing it in.

Describe the chronology of events

As a rule, these papers are written in a proper chronological order to prevent misunderstanding and to motivate anyone who reads it to follow the authors thoughts with ease and interest.

Read some examples from a narrative essay

The more you read them, the more a well-developed plot youll be able to create. It would be best if you also watched video clips in which other people explain their experience because it helps to learn how to express your views properly.

Revise the essay

Review it for grammar and plagiarism, rewrite sentences that dont sound fine, and dont hesitate to ask your friends for advice. Several resources will help you review and edit your narrative essay.

Highlight the most important moments

Please remember that you will need to highlight the most relevant points or facts to help your audience understand them and appreciate their position in the story and their effect on the outcome.

Steps for writing a narrative essay

The narrative essay writing process isnt that different from other college assignments. First, you have to pick a topic and do research on it. Second, you outline with as many details as you can and begin composing a draft. Third, you are revising the thesis, editing it, and submitting it for review to a teacher.

Heres how to write a narrative essay in order not just to help you get a good score, but also to impress and encourage your readers.

Step 1-Select a topic

In general, teachers give us the opportunity of choice when it comes to the topics of narrative essays. And this is what the problem is. You sit down, and the thought of what to write can not come up. Heres the chance of picking the very first topic to come to your mind, but dont!

Your narrative essays success depends on its topic too. You will pick something that is both important to you and attractive enough to get the viewer connected. Do brainstorming to that end.

  • Ask yourself questions about what is bothering you and what youd like to chat or speak to someone about.
  • Using social media to brainstorm your essay story
  • Take a walk, and think until you come up with an idea.
  • Try to write freely: take a pen and a notebook and start writing down all the thoughts you have in mind. Re-read out what you wrote. Are there any ideas for your narrative essay you might use as a topic?

Step 2 “ Outline the Details

Like argumentative essays, narrative ones are about your own life and experiences; therefore, you dont need any detailed study to support evidence, conclusions, or your point of the thesis.

You need thoughts to be structured to state your thesis and see if there are any gaps in your knowledge to explain all the specifics in your narrative essay.

Step 3-Write your draft

Now its time to begin writing and order your essays content correctly. Divide the outline into three parts: a story setup, the main climax part, and a conclusion.

Step 4-Review a draft

Set it down until the first draft is ready and wait a couple of hours before revising it. Take some walk, a nap, a cup of coffee, anything. For a moment, you need to disconnect yourself from the story to evaluate the writing from a fresh viewpoint.

Step 5-Edit your essay

This step consists of finding weak spots in your narrative essay, proofreading it to prevent mistakes in spelling and grammar, and revising its language and tone to improve reading comprehension.

Ask others to read your paper before you submit it to a professor. They can note your skipped mistakes or share their opinion on your essay. This will help you get the story straight and make it more convincing.


A narrative essay is one in which you tell a story from your point of view or personal experience, providing factual and sensory details to teach the readers and appreciate your viewpoint. Revise the essay Check it for grammar and plagiarism, rewrite sentences that dont sound good, and dont hesitate to ask your friends for help.

 In this blog, we educate you on how to write a narrative essay. Hope you have understood the information given by us. If you read this article, then you will understand how to write a narrative essay. If you want any essay help online then take help from our experts. We would be happy to help you out. 


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