How to Structure an Essay

In this article we are providing a complete guide on ˜essay structure. As a result of which you can get better knowledge about how to structure an essay.

Essay writing is an indispensable component to academic success at every level. It is, specially, the way in which people communicate with each other within the academic community . Therefore, there are some basic ways in which academics structure their work and formal ways of communicating.  Many instructors and professors also write essays at a professional level.

At another side, many students fail in writing their essays either in failing to plan before or in not understanding the expectations of essay writing. For this, appropriate and effective essay structure is crucial. 

So how to structure an essay? What is the best essay structure format?

Best essay structure format

First of all, consider about an essay. What is it going  to do? Everybody knows an essay is simply an argument. Now, by argument we dont mean an abusive match between two people. indeed, we are talking about a formal argument, as  an idea or a claim, which is supported by some  logic or an evidence.

Parts of an essay

Every good essay has mainly three  parts: An introduction, a Body, and a Conclusion.

The question how to structure an essay has a simple guide that will show you how you can make your essay structure perfect by clearly introducing and concluding your argument, and establishing coherency between the paragraphs.

Where the essay starts

When you are writing an essay, everything is important whether it is a  sentence or a paragraph.but, most important would be an introductions . introduction is must in order to create a great first impression.

You should already aware about this, but most professors and tutors will start grading your work in their head as soon as they begin reading it. They will sort your essay, maybe not in terms of a grade, but most definitely in terms of strong/weak, effective/ notion is that scale of your essay will fall before reading the full introduction. so, the introduction is just  something that you must start strong.

Always write an introduction that clearly sets out the objectives of what you are about to write. State what the essay will try to accomplish and mention some of the main points you will consider throughout the essay. The idea is to give the instructor an overview of your argument, in order to show logic and coherency  in your thought process. remember , not to go into any of your key points in depth in your introduction “ they will each be covered by a full paragraph later on. 

The body of your essay

The second part of the essay comes with the body. This is the longest part of the essay. indeed, a short essay will have at least three full paragraphs; a long essay considerably more.

Each paragraph should have a point that relates to the topic. 

Paragraphs, like the essay conclusion, also have an expected structure. You should have one paragraph for each major new idea within your essay, to clearly show the examiner the structure of your argument. Each paragraph should begin with a sentence that sets out the main point you are going to mention in that section. 

The end of your essay

The last section of your essay is definitely the conclusion. In general, this will also be a single paragraph in brief, but can go on to two or three lines more for slightly longer discussions.

Every well-structured essay ends with a conclusion. Its main purpose is to summarise the main points of your arguments. Besides,  the conclusion is also to draw a final decision or judgement about the issues that you have discussed. Sometimes, conclusions cross its boundaries to connect the essay to broader issues or areas of further study.

Note that conclusions do not have any new idea “ it is simply a reminder of what your essay has already mentioned. It may be useful again to refer back to the title in the conclusion to make it very clear to the examiner that you have thoroughly answered the questions and covered all the major parts. Make sure to make your conclusion  concisely that touches  each key point.


Now you should have a solid catch on how to structure an essay. Also, you might not be aware of how to actually begin structuring your essay. Everyone has his own ways. Some people find no trouble thinking everything out in their head, and starting with the introduction and how to end with the conclusion.

If you are not confident, however, we suggest you start writing the body paragraphs first. Since each body paragraph has a main idea, then once you know what your main ideas are, your job becomes easier. Write down the introduction and conclusion after that.

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