How did Utah develop the data system and business process

Question description
Utah DOT Case Study.pdfTo help preparing your case study, include the following in your summary: * Top management and it’s influence on asset management.
* Influence of automated data
* Process time
* Communication between asset management and regional staff
* The need for continues improvement
* Accountability
* Importance of management practices and data systems for successful asset management.
Detailed questions on case study includes:
– How did Utah create their asset management program?

– How was asset management and performance matrices for transportation system linked?
– What is ” strategic direction and performance measures”?
– How did Utah support its asset management program and what are the characteristics of a successful asset management?
– How did Utah develop the data system and business process?
– Why was pavement management system and asset management described as “unreliable” and “unclear”? And how did the asset management staff solve this?
– How did Utah improve their data process? Was specific or all data included in the database? Was data collected for statewide or specific mileage?
– How was decentralization improved?
– Discuss strategies for [pavement selection, budget, road classifications, network management].
– Maintenance data from operations management system [OMS) stored extensive data for various sections as stated in the case study. What did OMS manage? And how was effectiveness measured?
– How does maintenance interact with asset management?
– How does the Department forecast its project selection?

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