How are divorce and stepfamilies viewed in popular culture?

250 word forum

Part 1) Popular culture, sometimes also called mass culture, refers to “cultural patterns that are widespread among a societies population” (Macionis, 2007) or among the masses. It is the lens through which many people understand and frame issues. Popular culture includes television, movies, magazines, self-help books, novels, newspapers, the internet, any outlet that reaches mass audiences. For this week’s forum, answer the main question: How are divorce and stepfamilies viewed in popular culture? In your discussion, consider also: Why do we find those views? How have they changed over time? And what are the impacts of those views on families? How do these popular views compare to research on divorce and stepfamilies?

Macionis, J.J. (2007). Society: The Basics. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Part 2) Divorce and stepfamilies are central to thinking about the future of families. However, as sociologists you have also examined a number of other factors impacting, and impacted by, family structures and experiences.

Close by identifying any two “take-away” elements of the course that added to your understanding of the family and that you believe will serve you well in the future and explain why.

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