HIS 356 Week 4 Individual Assignment African Independence Worksheet NEW.

African Independence Worksheet

Use the worksheet provided and choose two African countries to compare independence movements. You must use at least five sources, of which two must be primary sources. You may use MyHistoryLab, the University Library, or credible websites to locate primary sources. Primary sources include documents, images, maps, or news reports. If you choose to include images or maps, please include those with your answers to the appropriate question. Each answer should be 150 to 200 words.

How did the Pan African Movement start to alter the world’s opinion about African independence?

How did the Africans use World War I and World War II to move their countries toward independence?

How did the Christian churches introduced to the Africans help them in their struggle for independence?

Which groups had the most to gain by gaining independence for their country?

Select one country that had to fight for their independence and give a short synopsis of the struggle.

Why did most of the African countries remain intact despite regional or tribal conflicts?

Why were the newly established governments generally unable to fulfill the expectations of the citizens?

Explain the drift toward centralization of government power in the new countries.

What were the major theoretical divisions within the concept of African Socialism?

Explain what you consider to be the three main obstacles that the newly created countries had to deal with in order to become safe and sustainable countries.

HIS 356 Week 4 Individual Assignment African Independence Worksheet NEW

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