Essay Vs Research Paper:Read full differences

Today, studies in schools and colleges become harder than ever before. Nowadays students seem very busy with their academic workloads. Teachers of all subjects from time to time assign to their students different assignments.

Most of the students are not able to understand the difference between essay and research paper. Some students think that both are the same because both are their academic writings. Naturally, sometimes it becomes impossible for one to explain the essay vs research paper.

Most students ask the same question: what is the difference between essay writing and research paper? If you are also confused about essays and research papers. Then you came to the right place in this blog. We are going to discuss all the important things related to essays and research papers. So that you can easily understand the difference between the essay vs research paper.

What is essay-:

Essay writings are one of the most common kinds of writings. Essay writing is the most important part of students academics also. It does not matter that you are studying in a school or a college. Essay writings are the assignments that teachers assign to their students at all levels of studies.

From the beginning of middle school, teachers mostly give you small essay writings. Then with the time when you came to the higher classes, time to time teachers also give you long length essays .

 In the higher level of your studies, the teachers of your academic can assign you more lengthy essay writings. But not more than 1500 words. The main purpose of giving such essay writings is to improve students writing skills, check their creativity and also teach them the art of persuasion and exposition.

But not more than 1500 words. The main purpose of giving such essay writings is to improve students writing skills, check their creativity and also teach them the art of persuasion and exposition.

Essay writings are very important for every student because essay writings are direct effects on students academic grades.

Types of essays-:

As we already discussed, essays have become an essential part of the formal education of students. Students have to complete many different essay writing before the deadlines.  If you want to get a better understanding of essay vs research paper then you should have to get a piece of knowledge about both essay and research papers( even their types). So here we mentioned the different types of essays-:

1. Descriptive Essays-:

In the descriptive essay writing students requires to in-depth describe a particular essay topic given by their teacher.  This type of essays writing improves students intellectual, physical or emotional sense.

2.Comparison Essays-:

In the comparison essay writing student is required to include a comparison of two or more things or objects.

3. Academic Essays-:

The main objective of academic essay writings is to check students writing skills, and the students  capability of organizing thoughts and ideas.

4.Narrative Essays-:

Narrative essays are one of the most different types of essay writing. The narrative essay is just like narrating a story to the target audience. It contains climax, flashback, and flash-forward in the essay.

5. Philosophical Essays-:

In this type of essay writing a writer requires making thesis statements. Along with he also gives some logic and counter logic for reaching the conclusion.

What is research paper-:

The research paper is another type of writing assignment that the teacher assigned to their students. Research paper writing is also one of the most essential parts of students academics, as it also affects students academic grades. 

In simple words, a research paper is defined as a writing that is plagiarism-free, original, and based on research. To write a successful research paper a student requires in-depth research in different directions for getting all the relevant and reliable information about the topic of the research paper.

Only after doing a well-research on the topic, a student can able to prove the central objective question and statement of the research paper. Commonly a research paper requires at least 8 pages. But sometimes if the topic is complicated then students have to do in-depth research on different aspects of the topic. Therefore the length of the research paper may go up to 15+ pages.

Types of research paper-:

To understand the difference between essay vs research paper. First of all, one should get to know a piece of information about both research papers and essays, including their types. So here we mentioned some types of research papers-:

1. Analytical Research Paper-:

The analytical research paper is one of the most important types of research papers. The analytical research paper gives an in-depth informal analysis of the specific topic. In this paper writing students have to select a topic by themselves, exploring that topic in the form of a question.

2.Compare And Contrast-:

The name of this research paper itself describes that it includes a comparison of something. In this kind of research paper students are required to examine and describe the difference between two subjects or things.

3.Argumentative Research Papers-:

In the argumentative research paper students have to choose a controversial topic. After then they give the introduction of that topic which gives the audience the idea of what is in the research paper. In simple words, the argumentative research paper writer informs the audience about the specific controversial topic.

Essay vs Research Paper Difference

Basis of differenceEssayResearch paper

It is natural that in most essay writings, students are required to give their personal opinion.In the research papers, a student has to include scientific perceptions along with their personal opinion.
2. Objective-:The main objective of essay writing is to improve students writing skills and creative capability.

The main objective of research papers is to teach students how to research and analyze detailed information about a specific topic.
3. Focus -:

Essays always focus on audience perception.Research papers always focus on the logical organization of the matters related to the topic.

4. Types-:

Comparison essay, Academic essay, Philosophical essay, Narrative essay, and Descriptive essay.Analytical research paper, comparison research paper and Argumentative research paper.

5. Methodology-:

Essay writing does not require a particular methodology. A specific particular methodology is required for it.

6. Length-:

Usually, the length of essay writings is short. Actually, essays contain 4 to 5 paragraphs.A research paper requires at least eight pages. But sometimes it maybe goes up to 15 pages.
7.  In-depth research-:Essays do not require too much research.

A research paper requires in-depth research on the topic from various sources.

8. At the which stage of studies-:

Essay writings are the assignments that are commonly assigned to the students of school and college.

The research papers are the assignments that are commonly assigned to students of Ph.D., etc.

9.  Material shows-:

Essay can show the writers opinion sometimes.Research only shows reliable and technique facts of a particular topic. 


From the above discussion, now you know about essay vs research papers. If you want essay vs research help, then you can visit our essay help or research paper writing service .


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