Employment Reference Letter (6)

The reference letter below is written by the Vice President of a bank, in support of an employee who is applying to graduate school.


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Sample Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:

I am delighted to have this opportunity to recommend Mr. John Smith to your esteemed masters program. I have observed Mr. Smiths work performance over the past several years, and as such, I can personally attest to his diligent working attitude and great potential.

As the Senior Vice President at ABHS Bank, I was Mr. Smiths Supervisor from 2008 to 2010. Mr. Smith worked in ABHS Bank during his summer vacations in the university, and from his very first day in this company, it was immediately evident that he would be a positive addition to the company.

Initially, Mr. Smith worked as a part-time sales assistant, in charge of credit card promotions and various internal affairs. He proved to be a quick learner and someone who was able to take direction and eager to learn more to advance his abilities. With the guidance and support of myself and my colleagues, Mr. Smith was able to meet sales quotas and perform quite effectively in this role.

Due to his performance, Mr. Smith was given more responsibility in tasks that more directly involved finance and investment, as this was the area in which he was most interested. Mr. Smith was clearly highly motivated to learn more and successfully accomplish his tasks. Although this was a part-time position, Mr. Smith showed great dedication and proved that he is very certain of his goals and very dedicated to achieving them.

In sum, I found Mr. Smith to be an especially professional employee who stood out among his peers for his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more. I am glad that he is pursuing a masters degree in finance in your university, as I think this is the ideal path for him, and I am certain that he has the qualities necessary to face the challenges of postgraduate study and emerge successful. I therefore enthusiastically recommend him to your program.



Linda Johnson
Senior Vice President

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