Employment Reference Letter (3)

The reference letter below is written by a supervisor, in support of an employee who is applying to graduate school.


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Sample Letter of Recommendation


Dear Admissions Officer,

I am delighted to have this chance to recommend Miss Jane Smith for entry to your postgraduate course. I was her immediate supervisor during the time she worked at Sparkwell Technology Co., Ltd., and she reported directly to me when carrying out her tasks and projects.

Miss Smith was in charge of marketing and sales at Sparkwell, and she worked closely with me in planning and developing strategies to better promote the company. She is very responsible and professional, and her ambition was evident in her ideas and performance. Miss Smith demonstrated a great interest and dedication to the field of marketing, and I expect her to have a bright future in the field.

Miss Smith also played a major role in an overseas exhibition for Sparkwells digital products. In addition to planning and arranging the details of the exhibition, Miss Smith attended the exhibition and helped ensure that it ran smoothly and without problems. In this capacity, Miss Smith was a valuable asset to our company, as she personally contributed greatly to the expansion and promotion of our companys products and image.

Although Miss Smith has been a valuable member of the Sparkwell team, I am delighted to hear that she is pursuing a masters degree in your institution. She will undoubtedly continue to progress and excel, and her natural drive and enthusiasm for the marketing field can be given full expression in your masters program. I recommend her to your program without reservation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



Dave Johnson
Sparkwell Technology Co., Ltd.

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