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Here’s how to write a custom nursing paper 

Custom Nursing Paper Structure 

When writing your case study, you must start off by briefly introducing the problem or situation that you are seeking a solution. Explicitly and clearly highlight these problems, then provide sufficient background information. For your information to flow easily and for the readers to better understand your case study, it should follow a specific structure as highlighted below:

  • Title page: This contains your information and your case study’s title
  • Abstract: The abstract can be narrative or structured in style. A narrative means a short, condensed version of your entire study – it flows smoothly with no subheadings. A structured abstract contains the different subheadings contained in the entire case study.
  • Introduction: It details why your case study’s topic is fascinating.
  • Case presentation: This part presents the patient’s complaint, his/her medical history, and a description of the examination’s results.
  • Management and outcome: Detail the patient’s current care plan. Specify its length and frequency of this nursing plan.
  • Discussion: From your presented case, various questions arise. In this section address these pertinent questions.
  • Acknowledgments: This section offers you the opportunity to appreciate anyone who assisted you in writing this case study. Excluding the patient, make sure all the people you mention here offered direct assistance.
  • References: List all the materials and sources that you used in the writing of your case study. Ensure that you list all of them to avoid cases of plagiarism.
  • Legends: This section contains information on non-text materials such as tables, graphs, and charts


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