Constipation related to Anemia

NCP for Anemia

Constipation related to a decrease in dietary inputs ; changes in the digestive process ; side effects of drug therapy is characterized by a client complain defecation hard in a long time, nausea or vomiting, decreased appetite, abdominal pain reported sudden or cramps, impaired bowel sounds.

Expected ; normal elimination pattern of bowel function.

Criteria results :
Shows changes in the pattern of elimination : bowel movements with soft consistency, frequency according habits, typical color of stool.

Interventions :

  • Observation feces color, consistency, frequency and amount.
  • Auscultation of bowel sounds.
  • Monitor on the intake and output (food and fluid).
  • Encourage fluid intake 2500-3000 ml / day.
  • Avoid gas forming foods.
  • Observation perianal skin conditions with frequent, note changes in skin condition or begins to malfunction.
  • Perform each defecation perianal care in case of diarrhea.
  • Give pelembek feces, mild stimulant, bulk -forming laxatives or enemas as indicated. Monitor effectiveness.
  • Facilitate defecation if constipation occurs.
  • Collaboration nutritionist for a balanced diet with high fiber and bulk.
  • collaboration ; give medication as indicated.

Rationale :

  • Help identify the cause / factor ballast and appropriate interventions.
  • Bowel sounds are generally elevated in diarrhea and decreased in constipation.
  • Can identify dehydration, excessive loss or tool in identifying dietary deficiency.
  • Assist in improving the consistency of the stool when constipated. Will help maintain hydration status on diarrhea.
  • Lowering gastric distress and abdominal distension.
  • Prevents excoriated skin and damage.
  • Fibers resist digestive enzymes and absorb water in the stream along the intestinal tract and thus produce bulk, which works as a stimulus for defecation.
  • Decreases the motility of the intestine when diarrhea occurs.
  • Assist in the diet plan to meet individual needs.
  • The need replacement depending on the type of anemia and or the presence of poor oral enter and deficiencies identified.


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