Caring for the Elderly With Dementia at Home

Caring for the elderly with dementia at home 1

At one time the elderly with dementia can be woken from sleep at night and panic because people do not know is everywhere, shouting and is difficult to be soothed. To mitigate this family needs to make the elderly relaxed and safe. Make sure that they are in a safe place and together with the people who love him. Sit together in close proximity, the Elderly’s hand, show a mature attitude and calming. Give warm drinks to soothe and help the elderly to sleep again.

Elderly with dementia sometimes doing something they did not understand. Such actions may be dangerous to himself or others. They can just turn on the stove and leave it alone. They also feel capable of driving the vehicle and may get lost or have an accident. Wearing clothes that do not match the condition or use of layered clothing in hot temperatures.

Like a small child, elderly with dementia sometimes asking the same thing over and over again even though we have already answered, but kept the same question submitted. Creating a safe environment like no place to put any sharp objects, put in place the vehicle keys are not known by the elderly, provide additional security on the doors and windows to avoid blurring the Elderly is to do things that families care for elderly with dementia at home.

The family has a very important role in the treatment of elderly patients with dementia who live at home. Living together with people with dementia is not easy, but necessary preparedness both mentally and surrounding environment. In the early stages of dementia patients can be actively involved in the process of self-care. Make note of daily activities and taking medications on a regular basis. It is helpful in reducing the rate of cognitive decline, which will be experienced by people with dementia.

Family does not mean having to help all the daily needs of elderly, so the elderly tend to be quiet and dependent on the environment. All family members are expected to actively help elderly in order to optimally perform daily activities independently safely. Perform daily activities on a regular basis as the general elderly without dementia can reduce depression in elderly patients with dementia.

Caring for patients with dementia is filled with a dilemma, although every day for almost 24 hours we take care of them, they probably will never know and remember who we are, not even a thank you after what we did for them. Patience is a requirement in caring for family members with dementia.
Instill in my heart that people with dementia do not know what happened to him. And they tried hard to fight the symptoms of dementia.

Mutually reinforce each other and family members always take the time for yourself to rest and socialize with other friends can
avoid stress that can be experienced by family members who care for elderly with dementia.

Things we can do to reduce the risk of dementia include memory acuity and keep constantly optimize brain function, such as:

  • Preventing the introduction of substances which can damage brain cells and addictive substances such as alcohol excess.
  • Reading books that stimulate the brain to think should be done every day.
  • Doing activities that can make us healthy and mentally active.
  • Activities and deepen spiritual theology.
  • Continued to interact with the environment, gathered with friends who have similar interests or hobbies.
  • Reduce stress at work and trying to stay relaxed in
  • everyday life can make us healthy brain.


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Caring for the elderly with dementia at home 2

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Caring for the elderly with dementia at home 3
Caring for the elderly with dementia at home 4