Academic Reference Letter (7)

The reference letter below is written by a professor in support of a student who is applying to graduate school.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation at the request of Ms. Jane Smith, a former student of mine at Goodwell University. After witnessing Ms. Smiths performance in my class, I can state with confidence that she will be a positive addition to your institution.

I instructed Ms. Smith in the courses Introduction to Management 1 and 2, which she took over the course of one year. Ms. Smith quickly showed herself to be a conscientious student, and she did not hesitate to participate in discussions and raise various concerns and questions of her own. It was evident from the beginning of the class that she has a strong interest in the subject matter, and this was reflected in her grades as well. I am pleased to learn that Ms. Smith now hopes to pursue further studies in business and management, and based on her performance in this class, I feel strongly that she is well-suited for such a course of study.

Studying in your graduate school will inevitably bring many challenges and demands. I believe that Ms. Smith is uniquely suited to face these demands. When she took my course Introduction to Management, she, unlike her classmates, was not a business student, but rather was taking the class in order to pursue her interest in the subject matter. In this way, she was at a disadvantage, as many of her classmates had already received varying levels of instruction and training in business. Ms. Smith proved undeterred, however. She is a quick learner and she is confident in her abilities. When faced with challenges, she confronts them head on and seems to enjoy the process of learning and overcoming difficulties.

I was quite impressed by Ms. Smiths performance and attitude in my course, and it is for these reasons that I wholeheartedly recommend her to your program. I believe that she possesses the determination and intellect to complete the course of study and progress to a successful career. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Linda Johnson
Associate Professor
Goodwell University

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