Academic Reference Letter (6)

The reference letter below is written by a university lecturer, in support of a student who is applying to graduate school.



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Sample Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:

As a Lecturer in the Department of Fashion Design and Management, Ive had the pleasure of knowing Jane Smith for more than four years. She has been a dedicated student who stands out among her peers for her ambition and enthusiasm. I would like to take this opportunity to whole-heartedly recommend Ms. Smith to your masters program.

I was very impressed with Ms. Smith as a student. Her overall performance shows unique creativity and a very serious and responsible attitude towards her education. I served as her professor of Clothing Design, History of Modern Clothing, and Creative Clothing Design, among other classes. Ms. Smith consistently completed her class work on time and with attention to detail. Her hard work resulted in an A for her coursework and consistently earned her grades from 85 to 95 percent.

In addition to her academic excellence, Ms. Smith was also a pleasure for teachers and classmates to work with. She is very easy-going and polite, and although she is very serious and motivated in her pursuit of knowledge, she is also very humble and willing to listen to others ideas.

Aside from her academic record, Ms. Smith also displayed an eagerness to pursue her studies beyond the role of student. She served as an assistant teacher and became a role model for others while teaching and presenting subjects involving textiles and embroidery. I observed in Ms. Smith a constant desire to learn more and strive for perfection. She can lead a group as well as she can work with others. Studying in your masters program would imbue her with an overall well-roundedness that could produce a truly outstanding and notable scholar.

I feel confident that Ms. Smith will continue to succeed in her studies. She offers an engaging personality and a strongly motivated devotion to the study of textiles and fashion design. It is for these reasons that I strongly recommend Ms. Smith for your program, without reservations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Linda Johnson
Department of Fashion Design and Management
Goodwell University

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