9 Factors That Affect Pain

9 factors that affect pain 1

Pain is the most common reason a person seeking medical assistance. Pain occurs with the disease process, diagnostic examination and treatment process. Pain is very annoying and troublesome people. Nurses can not see and feel the pain experienced by the client, because pain is subjective (between one individual to another individual is different in addressing the pain). Nurses provide nursing care to clients in a variety of situations and circumstances, which provide interventions to improve comfort. According to some theories of nursing, comfort is the need of the client base that is the purpose of nursing care delivery. The statement was supported by Kolcaba who said that comfort is a state of fulfillment of basic human needs have.

1. Age
Elderly: that pain is something that should they receive, sometimes deny, that the pain will be felt due to fear of concentration that are not in the know.
Children: difficulty understanding the pain, verbalize and express the pain.

2. Types of abnormalities
In general, men and women did not differ significantly in responding to pain.

3. Culture
Culture affects the way individuals cope with pain, a person will learn what is acceptable and expected by their culture then they will react accordingly cultural guidance.

4. The meaning of pain
Meaning the pain would affect the experience of pain and how to adapt to pain. Pregnant woman / childbirth will have different perceptions with women who received a blow from which the husband was having an affair.

5. Attention
Someone who focus on pain can affect the perception of pain. Increased attention to pain will increase the pain.

6. Anxiety
Pain and anxiety associated with a reciprocal basis. Asietas can increase the pain.

g. Fatigue
Cause the sensation of pain intensified and lower coping abilities.

h. Previous experience.
Success in overcoming the pain that never happened will affect a person’s readiness to face the same pain today.

i. Family and social support
Pain and discomfort in general will always be there but the support of significant others, loved, will help minimize the readiness and fear.


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9 factors that affect pain 2

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9 factors that affect pain 3
9 factors that affect pain 4