14 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

14 tips to prevent childhood obesity 1

Currently, the number of children who are overweight / obese is increasing. This is due in part because:

  • Factors parents are busy, so the more often bring the child to the restaurant to eat fast food.
  • Parents who want their children to plump, ie by feeding as many children as they ask, give as much milk as they want, give snacks anything that the kids etc.. They usually argue, a fat child is a healthy child and a picture of cute.
  • Children are too often consumed carbonated soft drinks.
  • Children less mobile because of too much watching TV, playing games, playing computer games etc..
  • Genetic factors.

However, not all children are underweight extra classified overweight or obese. There are children who have a larger body frame than the average child his age and the children also usually have a different amount of body fat at various stages of growth. To be sure using the formula BMI (Body Mass Index).

Overweight or obesity in children can have a negative impact on their health, among others:

  • More at risk of health problems in adulthood, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, cancer and heart disease.
  • More fast experiencing joint and muscle problems.
  • Experiencing emotional and behavioral problems, such as low self-esteem and depression are often the subject of ridicule because of his friends / bullying.

Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

  1. Limit the amount of foods and beverages high in calories and sugar such as chocolate, soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, and ice cream. Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, fruit juice, gelatin, vegetable chips, low fat milk, etc. and do not make fast food as a regular weekly event.
  2. Method of preparing food with grilled or steamed, fried subtract method.
  3. Teach children to chew food more slowly, because the child will feel full faster and less likely to overeat at meals.
  4. Eat at the dinner table. Eating in front of TV or computer screen does not make the child aware of how much is consumed and whether it is full.
  5. Serve food in smaller portions.
  6. Do not use food as a reward or bribe.
  7. Familiarize children breakfast to avoid overeating child at lunch.
  8. Avoid consumption of snacks while on the move, such as while watching TV or doing homework . Because children are not aware of how much they have eaten.
  9. Familiarize children eat regularly at the appointed hour.
  10. Familiarize children to order healthy foods when eating outside the home.
  11. Limit time watching TV and playing computer games, on the contrary encourage the children to exercise / physical activity at least 60 minutes each day. Exercise can be done by walking or cycling to school or to the store.
  12. Try a week or two weeks did the family sporting events / activities outside the home such as walking, riding a bike, swimming, playing badminton, going to the zoo, museum, etc..
  13. Ask the children to help doing household chores, such as raking leaves, sweeping the house , help washing cars / motorcycles, etc..
  14. Give an example for your child with your good eating habits and exercise.


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14 tips to prevent childhood obesity 2

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14 tips to prevent childhood obesity 3
14 tips to prevent childhood obesity 4