Identify Teaching Areas related to the mHealth app Assignment 1 Solution

Identify Teaching Areas related to the mHealth app

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR361

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Directions: Carefully review Course Project Milestone 2 Guidelines and rubric requirements.

Name: Dieudonne Lemy

Define Approved Patient Scenario

The patient under focus is a 37 year old male. He is five feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has had a problem controlling his weight and keeping it under the suitable level for most of his adult life. He spends most of his time working which is generally in seated position and the rest of the time he seats with his family. The patient rarely exercises, take walks or watches his diet. The BMI of the patient is 28.70 The learning needs are established around the consequences of being overweight and strategies for mitigating the weight problem.

Identify Teaching Areas related to the mHealth app

· Information

· Provide information related to weight loss

· Importance of daily weight

· Track exercise and diet (MyFtnessPal, 2022)

· Explain the benefit of using the mHealth app

· Safety features/guidelines provided by the mHealth app:

· Health promotion and how to achieve them

· The utilization of the technology

· Lifestyle changes

· Health improvement

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Identify teaching areas related to the mhealth app
Identify Teaching Areas related to the mHealth app

· Interpret and act on the information in the mHealth app:

· Easy to use

· Dependable

· Uncomplicated

· Convenient

· Ongoing follow ups

Determine and Evaluate Success (3)

· Discuss the progress of using the app

· Evaluate weight loss changes

· Determine if the mHealth app is working (MyFtnessPal, 2022)

mHealth app Reference

MyFtnessPal. (2022). Fitness start with what you eat.

NR361 Course Project Milestone 2 Template.docx 03/20 JMJ: Update DLP 08/20 1

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Health Promotion and Technology Application Assignment 1 Solution

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