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Name: FORMTEXT Date: FORMTEXT School: FORMTEXT Facilitator: FORMTEXT 7.06 Canoe Fight Most Americans have heard of men like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone. But do you remember Samuel Dale? Samuel Dale was Alabama’s tough frontiersman. He accomplished much as a scout, soldier, legislator, and brigadier general. One of his most celebrated escapades was a canoe battle during the Creek War. There are two links for research given on the Task page. Read that information about the Canoe Fight that Samuel Dale engaged in during the Creek War. But those are told from the viewpoints of the winner of the battle. What if you had been a Creek warrior that day, fighting for your homeland? How would you have told the story? Using the information you have learned about the plight of the Native Americans and the details from these links, rewrite the story from the vantage point of the defeated Creek warriors. Write your own story of the skirmish from the viewpoint of a Creek warrior. You may make up Indian names and such, but keep the details of the fight accurate. Enter your answer here: FORMTEXT

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