Why Nursing is a Good Major

Why Nursing is a Good Major.


Include title provided & my topic has been chosen which is why nursing is a good major.** For Essay 3, you must write an ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH PAPER. That is, the paper must argue for or against something, present a solution to a problem, or defend a position: it may not just present information on a subject. 1. Write a research paper that tries to convince the reader of a position. In other words, to repeat, your paper should not just inform your reader about a topic, but instead it must convince your reader of something. Think of an argumentative paper as writing FOR or AGAINST something. You may choose your own topic, but to promote writing across the curriculum, choose from the following: an argumentative issue that exists within your major/field of study or a job you currently hold or want to hold (where you take a side and argue FOR or AGAINST something. Don’t just explore a career, salaries, etc. – that does not equal an argument). For example, a business student may write an argumentative paper in support of/or against the Affordable Care Act and its effect on small businesses. A criminal justice student may write an argumentative paper in support of/or against the use of confessions in trials. Ultimately, choose a topic that will be of real interest to you. Consider perhaps a problem you face at your current job or areas of disagreement in your profession of interest. Before writing the full paper, you will first work through the process of creating a research proposal and an annotated bibliography. Keep in mind that, first and foremost, your topic will need to approved by your instructor. For the purposes of academic discourse, please avoid choosing controversial topics that will require, in great part, relying on religious/moral arguments. Although you are each, of course, entitled to your own personal beliefs, it will best for this course to depend on academic sources that are independent of personal faith. For example, avoid writing papers about abortion, the death penalty, etc. Your final research paper must be between **1500-1800 WORDS** and adhere to **MLA FORMATTING.**

Why Nursing is a Good Major

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