MIddle Range Nursing Theory

MIddle Range Nursing Theory.



2 Application of a Middle Range Nursing Theory to Practice Case study: Maria Castillo is a newly appointed nurse manager on a medical-surgical unit in a large university-affiliated medical center. She had been a staff nurse and a charge nurse at a different facility, and this is her first management role. Maria has just completed her master’s degree in nursing administration and is eager to apply her knowledge. After a few months in her role, she has noted that the morale and productivity on the unit seem very low. In an effort to identify the root of the problem, she has been meeting with staff members to discuss their perceptions of unit functioning and to identify sources of dissatisfaction on the unit. She believes that one of the key factors contributing to the morale issues is the limited advancement opportunity. There are a few older nurses who share the Charge Nurse roles; there is little input into unit governance by staff, and there is minimal involvement in committees or improvement processes. She also notes that there seems to be conflict between the older and newer staff members. Staff members report that this is how the unit has functioned for as long as everyone can remember. Maria has a number of ideas for change and will utilize her knowledge of theory in implementing change. The purpose of this paper is to identify & discuss clinical practice issues and apply one 6 appropriate middle range nursing theory to the resolution of the issues. Search the literature for application of your selected theory. After analyzing the case study, selecting the theory, searching the literature and applying the theory, complete a 3 to 4 page paper to summarize the analysis. Be sure to have a logical, organized flow to the submitted paper. APA format required: use correct grammar, punctuation, clear and logical organization, etc. Submit via SafeAssign by 11:59 PM on due date. The following sections must be addressed in the paper: A. Introduction- Summarize the case study. Identify the one middle range nursing theory selected to apply to the case. End with “The purpose of this paper is to….. B. Theory -Discuss the selected nursing theory to guide or support her actions. Describe the selected theory (history, concepts etc.) C. Issue Identification & Resolution-Identify three specific issues that Maria has identified that she must consider in planning for change. Discuss the steps Maria will take to initiate change. Discuss the selected theory and its related concepts linked to the issues and describe the implementation of the plan for change How will the theory that you selected support the planned steps? Be specific. D. Outcomes- How will Maria measure outcomes? Identify two criteria to measure success of the plan. The outcomes must be specific, feasible and measurable (i.e. increase patient satisfaction “likely to recommend” top score by 5% as measured by Press-Ganey or HCAHPS) E. Conclusion & Summary What is your overall Impression about the case study and the theory? F. References-Cite at least 4 relevant peer reviewed journal articles relevant to the Advanced NP role to substantiate/support your views/opinions (minimum 4

MIddle Range Nursing Theory

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