Healthcare Strategies – Strategic Planning Steps

Title:Healthcare Strategies – Strategic Planning Steps
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Deadline8th April 2019 @ 5:32 P.M
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Paper DetailsAssignment Details You have been hired as an outside consultant for a large durable medical equipment and medical supply company. The company specializes in a wide range of medical supplies and equipment. Some of its most profitable offerings include hospital bed rental to private residents, wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and other mobility equipment. However, the company has come to realize that competition is increasing and its market share is shrinking. The company noted that most of its customers are new customers, and very few are repeat customers. The company is concerned with customer loyalty. The medical supply company owner has asked you to develop a plan to improve customer loyalty. Complete the following: 1) Create a report that describes and critically analyzes 5 contemporary best practices to improve customer loyalty in a health care organization.  =Be sure to discuss the (multiple) benefits that loyal, repeat customers offer to health care organizations.  2) Develop and defend 4 recommendations for the medical supply company based on your research on how to improve customer loyalty.  =Include a brief overview of how each recommendation would be implemented at the company.  At least 4 references are required.  * 7 pages not to include the title or reference pages*

Kindly use references within 5 years.

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