Ethical challenges in nursing practice that are common

Ethical challenges in nursing practice that are common.


The purpose of this assessment is to write an informative, scholarly, professional paper that presents a position on emerging ethical topics. The position paper should be supported by current evidence and focus on the application of ethical concepts and principles to identify ethical challenges in nursing practice.


You are a nurse leader who serves on an ethics committee in your healthcare organization. You are tasked with writing an informative, scholarly, professional position paper about ethical challenges in nursing practice and procedural alignment with the organization’s mission statement. The paper should explain common ethical challenges, the impact of these ethical challenges on stakeholders, and the nurse leader’s role in addressing these ethical challenges. You will present the paper to the ethics committee.

Develop an informative, scholarly, professional position paper for the ethics committee by doing the following:

A. Discuss two ethical challenges in nursing practice that are common to your organization

1. Parental conflicts (divorced parents, etc.)

2. Resistant guardians (guardians who do not follow recommendations given by the provider, etc.)

B. Discuss the ethical principles involved in the American Nursing Association (ANA) Code of Ethics.

1. For each ethical challenge, describe one potential legal implication.

2. Support your discussion with a minimum of two scholarly sources, published within the past five years, for each challenge. A minimum of one source of the two must be a course text or course resource (see attachment – Chapter 27).

B. Discuss the responsibility of a nurse with a master’s degree acting in a leadership role within the organization by doing the following:

1. Describe the role of the nurse leader in applying a published, ethical decision-making model to one of the ethical challenges in part A.

2. Discuss the actual or potential stakeholders involved in and affected by the outcome of the ethical decision-making process and the potential impact on each stakeholder.

3. Describe the role of interdisciplinary team members throughout the ethical decision-making process.

4. Describe a transformational leadership strategy that the nurse leader might use to promote interdisciplinary team collaboration during the ethical decision-making process.

C. Explain how the actions taken in part B align with your organization’s mission statement.


To provide high-quality pediatric specialty care to the children of Virginia through clinical excellence, innovation, education, research, and family-centered care.


To create a culture of health and wellness in a patient-centric, physician-led model of care while integrating the strengths from two premier organizations.

At PSV, we strive to provide exceptional service to our patients and families, all other valued stakeholders. We accomplish this by incorporating our core values of C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Advocacy, Redefining Healthcare, and Excellence), across our organization, with goal of making every encounter perfect. These key values and service excellence measures ensures that our patients receive the best quality care and that our families are treated with exceptional service.

D. Submit your position paper in APA style and format, including but not limited to the title page and headers, in-text citations, and references.

E. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

Ethical challenges in nursing practice that are common

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