Nursing 434: Community Health Promotion Assignments

Course Introduction

 Course Assignments To receive credit for Nursing 434: Community Health Promotion you must complete all of the required assignments, and achieve an overall composite grade of 64 percent (C). All papers submitted must follow APA Publication Manual, 6th edition (2010) guidelines. The assignments and their weighting in the composite grade are as follows: 

Assignment 1 Concept Map: Community Health Promotion -Application to Your Practice 30% 

Assignment 2 Application of Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing 20% 

Assignment 3 Community Assessment and Diagnoses 25% 

Assignment 4 Development of a Community Health Promotion Program 25% 

Detailed descriptions of the assignments are found in the Assessment Overview and a suggested order of completion is detailed in the Schedule. If you have any questions related to the course and assignments be sure to contact your tutor via NURS434 course mail to discuss. 

All written assignments in this course must: 

• be your own work and be free of evidence of plagiarism; 

• adhere to APA format, as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (6th. Ed.); 

• adhere to the specified page limit; 

• be accurate in spelling, grammar, and punctuation; 

• use Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Word compatible) format; and Course Introduction… 1 of 3 10/27/2021, 7:20 PM 

• be submitted via the assignment drop boxes on the course home page. Optional Project: 



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