HS 215 Week 3 The Welfare System (2 PPT) NEW.

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HS 215 Week 3 The Welfare System

Review Table 2.6 in Ch. 2 of the text, Introduction to Human Services, paying close attention to dismantling the welfare system.

Table 2.6 will give summary points of key actions which were a factor in assessing the needs of the people. In 1978 President Jimmy Carter established two key agencies:

The Department of Health and Human Services
Presidents Commission on Mental Health

Create an 8- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation highlighting the salient points of each agency. In your presentation provide a synopsis of the following:

Why the agencies were created.
What opposition or support President Carter experienced.
What changes have taken place with these agencies since 1978.
Any other points of interests regarding these agencies.

You will find significant content related to President’s Carters accomplishments. Use your critical thinking to locate information that will be useful in your presentation. The following statement was made by President Carter:

The greatest discrimination in the world how is against poor people.

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HS 215 Week 3 The Welfare System (2 PPT) NEW

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