How can a business protect itself from discrimination charges

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I need help with my HRM 300 Class from University of Phoenix. Here is the discussion questions i need help with
Week One Discussion Questions

1) What are the functions of human resource management
(HRM)? What is the most important function of human resource management?
Explain your answer and provide a workplace example to support your response.

2) The business world has experienced numerous changes as
a result of technology and globalization. It is important for the field of HRM
to be prepared for these changes. In what way have technology and globalization
changed the work environment? Provide real-life examples to support your
answer. What are the effects of these changes to HRM?
3) Why is diversity important in the work environment?
What can organizations do to encourage diversity? How is HRM involved in the
area of diversity?
Post a
150-200-word response to each discussion question.

Week Two Discussion Questions

1) How can a business protect itself from discrimination
charges? Review the fours tests (4/5ths rule, restricted policies, geographic
comparisons, and the McDonnell-Douglas Test) discussed in Ch. 3 of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management.
How could a human resource management (HRM) department use these tests to
determine potential discriminatory practices? What considerations should be
given when using these tests?

2) What is affirmative action? What process could an HRM
department follow to apply affirmative action programs?

3) Assume you are the human resources (HR) manager at ABC
Publishing. The company has recently received several complaints of sexual
harassment. The HR department has decided to create a sexual harassment policy.
What should the policy include? How should the policy be implemented and
Post a
150-200-word response to each discussion question.

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