5 Best topics for college essay

An essay is a writing process that consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. An essay is full of information about any topic. The essay is an art that everyone can not write well. The essay is a brief summary of any topic that tells or understand to the reader.

Students take admissions in college or universities based on an essay test. If your essay is unique(looking good),  good writing, and easy to readable, you will get good grades in the exam or select for any college or university.

Topics Understanding

Sometimes students are confused about essay topics to write. Many students think many times what should write in a college application essay. You should focus on the best topics for college essays. First of all, you consider the word topic.The topic is important for your college application essay. The topic generally tells about the information or understandable to the writer.

The purpose of the topic is to create an essay. If you want to choose the best topics for college essays, you should study more deeply about any topic or think that your topic is readable for the examiner.

Here we have discussed the 5 Best topics for college essay

You should write your own interesting topics like hobbies, stories, challenges, and many topics you can write well. Here are some college essay topics to write about.


Challenge means a task or problem. challenges essay is very important for college essays. Everyone faces problems or challenges in your life. Everyone learn from challenges or experience. You can write well in challenges college essays.

In this challenging essay, you can write easily because you know about your challenges. challenge essay examples like

problem-solving, personal or professional challenges, Graduate Study Challenges, manage time, Failure, etc are the challenges essays. 

Outdoor activity

Outdoor activity means out of the door or other words we can say in nature surroundings. The Outdoor activity essay examples in games like cricket,  football, tennis and other activities like horse riding, hiking, traveling, camping, cycling, rafting, rock climbing, surfing, etc. Students love outdoor activities. Some students are confused about how to write a college application essay.

This topic benefit is, you will not think many times what should I write.  In this approach, you can obtain excellent marks in the college application essay.


The story means events or history. We have many stories listened from our grandmother or grandfather.

The story essay examples are like playground memory, climbing a mountain, My secret place, Near-death experience, Best summer or winter memory of childhood, A place where I would like to live, My first job experience, My funny real story, stories of school or college years, friendship stories, etc.

Stories create a scene in our minds whenever write an essay. Examiners are people, and they love stories. Stories are one of the best topics for college essays. 

Memorable meals

Everyone eats, people Love Food Stories and think out their favorite foods and family parties. Family parties are usually memorable events because every relatives meets with each other and shares childhood memories. Memorable meals essay examples

A Memorable Time in My Life, My Dream meal, Breakfast “ The Most Important Meal of the Day, etc. You can write a memorable meal essay in college essays. You can share your food-related memory in a college essay. This is also the best topic for college essays.

Social Media

In todays world, Social Media is a big platform for anything. In Social media, we share our thoughts, information, ideas, career interests. We can use a lot of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other channels. We can write easily on social media channels in college essays because we know all of the things about social media.

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